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My Birthday

My birthday is coming up, and lately, I’ve been thinking about the whole birthday celebration thing. It’s pretty selfish, if you think about it. I mean, it’s great to celebrate the existence of a person, because they are here because God wants them and loves them.

But the North American customs surrounding birthdays have become like modern-day Christmases: much less about celebrating, and much more about getting and being pandered to.

Nevertheless, I decided to ask J for a particular gift this year. The idea came to me after suffering excruciatingly painful acid reflux and bloating about three weeks ago, followed by a week-long headache and light sensitivity. That’s not to mention the heart irregularities, memory loss episodes, and longer-than-normal period (which I’m experiencing right now).

Here’s what I said to my dear, sweet husband: “I want you to make my body go through menopause and be done with it. I don’t want another period, and I never want to experience another perimenopause symptom again.”

I paused while he rolled his eyes and chuckled, then continued, “If you really love me…”

I know you’re not supposed to expect disappointment. All the self-help gurus and motivational speakers say so. But on my birthday, for some reason, I expect I will be disappointed. 😉

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