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My Call, Your Hope

I can’t get away from the call of God on my life. I’ve tried. Made up excuses. Deceived myself into thinking it wasn’t God, after all.


He’s given me a hard row to hoe.

He has called me to encourage people develop freedom. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? But this calling isn’t about giving people motivational warm-fuzzies. It’s much more than that. To have freedom during your time on this Earth, you need health and , to an extent, you need finances. Therefore…

…He has called me to teach people how to be healthy and eliminate disease from their bodies by natural means – namely, by diet and nutrition, detoxifying, and using natural remedies to support the body’s healing processes.

People don’t want you messing with their diet. It’s too hard to give up bread and sugar. Their doctors – who usually have had zero hours of training in nutrition – tell them that meat from factory-farm-raised animals is as healthy as meat from pastured-raised animals. They are convinced that the dry breakfast cereal they’ve been eating for years actually provides their bodies with the nutrition which the label claims.

They think that if they’re not experiencing an obvious gastro-intestinal disorder, than nothing they’re eating must be unhealthy, despite the plethora of anecdotal and research evidence that says otherwise.

They say that they have to take XYZ drug, or they’ll die. They’ve never tried to heal their health condition by eating a strictly whole foods diet (let alone a mostly raw-foods diet), supplementing, and using essential oils instead of drugs – and don’t want to. That would be going against the status quo. Going against the status quo is hard.

…He has called me to help people experience financial freedom. But people don’t want to sacrifice their wants to get it – or sacrifice their time to learn to earn an extra income to be able to afford their wants without getting into further debt. When you suggest to parents that your kids can make a good living without obtaining a college degree, they get angry. When you tell them you no longer have to work for an income – and you are under forty-five years of age – they look at you like you’re crazy. They say things like, “Well, if it doesn’t work out, you’re young enough to get another job.” To achieve early financial independence goes against the mainstream, and it’s hard to go against the mainstream.

Hi, my name is Emily Jacques, and God began calling me to go against the mainstream when I was a teenager and began to question the efficacy of over-the-counter cold medicine. And began to wonder why my dad counted on the Publisher’s Clearinghouse Sweepstakes for his financial security.

I can’t get away from the call. I tried for the past year and a half or so. But now I’m coming back. Obeying. Not reluctantly, either. I am returning to the call with renewed enthusiasm and energy, knowing that however difficult it is to get people to understand how their lifestyles are taking away their freedom, God will work through me to touch some of them and help them to make positive changes.

If you continue to follow this blog, I will challenge your mainstream thinking. I will challenge you to get out of the status quo box.

Who am I to challenge you? I am someone who has read about three dozen books about diet, health, and nutrition over the past twenty years. I am almost forty-five years old at this moment, and much healthier than most other people my age, even younger.

And my husband, Jerry, and I are living our dreams. We achieved financial independence in our early forties, and are now living on a beautiful, wooded five acres in the mountains of southeast Oklahoma, where we are raising and homeschooling our son. We now have the time to work on our dream of becoming established authors in our respective literary genres (me, inspirational romance and women’s fiction, him, science fiction).

I know a few things about health and personal finance, and I want to help you achieve your goals in those areas. I invite you to gather up all your courage and decide to change for the better.

And thanks for stopping by. I hope to see you again soon.


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