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My Child Is Not “Attention Deficit”, My Child Does Not Have A Disorder

If my child attended school, he would not hear much of what the teacher said. He would not be able to attend to paper and pencil tasks for long.

And they would label him as “Attention Deficit.”

Yet, my child can sit for two hours building an original Lego creation. He can watch any number of DVD’s that hold his interest, from a nature program to the Charles Schultz “Peanuts” cartoon specials. He will entertain himself for hours playing video games, and pays rapt attention to engaging stories and books.

Attention deficit? I don’t think so.

You see, my child is right-brain dominant. He thinks in pictures, and people who think in pictures have minds that go a million miles a minute. Their brains are not deficient, they simply get bored quickly with non-relevant, uninteresting, or slow-in-coming information.

My child has trouble sitting still for long periods of time when he is being forced to do work that is tedious and boring. He sometimes experiences periods during the day when he “goes wild.” My child experiences emotions at a more intense level than most people.

If he were in school, he would be labeled as having a “hyperactivity disorder.”

Yet, when he is allowed to engage in activities that stimulate is picture-thinking mind, he remains calm. When he is not constrained from moving his body freely, as much as and for as long as he needs to, he is happier. His intense flare-ups of emotion result from frustration when the stimulation to his brain comes to a screeching halt.

My child does not have a disorder. He has a creative, quick-thinking mind that does not appreciate being stifled or forced into conformity.

My child has a special gift from God which is not intended to be medicated into oblivion. My child is not deficit in anything, does not have a disorder.

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