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My New Smart Pots Have Arrived!

I love Smart Pots®, the original fabric pot. Starting next spring, Smart Pots® are going to be the center of my new growing system. It’s easy to grow most vegetables in a container between five and twenty gallons, but what about sweet potatoes and potatoes?

When I first realized I was going to have to face this challenge, I resigned myself to continuing to grow these crops in the ground. Even if I had to water them by hand a couple of times a week, it would only be those crops.

Then I discovered the Big Bag Bed, which is basically a giant Smart Pot® with lower (twelve-inch) sides. In essence, when you fill it, you have an instant raised bed with a bottom through which water and nutrients cannot disappear and into which moles cannot dig.

In case you missed it, here’s a video of one of the three moles Benjamin caught in our garden last summer:

There are three sizes for the Big Bag Beds, the largest one being 100 gallons with a fifty-inch diameter and providing more than thirteen square feet of growing space. I thought $39.95 was a reasonable price for a 100-gallon pot, so I bought two of them, one for potatoes and one for sweet potatoes. In the one for potatoes I will grow mung beans during the summer (potatoes are a spring and fall crop here), and in the sweet potato bed I will grow lentils in the spring and buckwheat after the sweet potatoes are harvested.

For ease of growing carrots (i.e., to prevent pill beetles from instantly chomping them up as soon as they germinate and to keep a mole from digging them up), I purchased one of the 200-gallon Smart Pots, which also have a diameter of fifty inches. The sides of those are two feet high, and carrots need a good deal of height to grow well.

I took a few photos of Benjamin (he’s a bit over four feet tall) playing around in one of the Big Bag Beds. Enjoy!

beninlargepot1 beninlargepot2 beninlargepot3
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