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My Writing Life: A New Direction

I told you earlier about Story Math. I never should have mentioned it. Not until I was finished with at least the second grade book.

Now, I don’t know if it was a God idea, or just a good idea. Despite what I said in this post, I have not been able to get past the Kindergarten book, which I have finished. Instead, I found myself writing a book that teaches multiplication and division, through the fifth grade level. And realizing that I wanted to write several other similar books on different math concepts.

Then, about a month ago, I caught the fiction bug again. Funny, because for a while I absolutely never wanted to touch fiction again in my life. Depression messes with you. Big time. Anyway, the impetus for this turn in my writing life was serious disappointment in a novel that I thought would be emotionally provocative, heart-warming, and inspiring, based on the author’s non-fiction work. It was not. After that, I realized that none of the novels I had read lately had the style I was looking for.

Then one day soon after, I woke up and told myself, “Self, you are going to have to write the fiction that you want to read.”

And I was excited. Of course, I prayed about it and muscle-tested, and Father seemed to be giving me a green light.

The next question was, where to start? I finally realized I was ready to move forward with a novel I have tried to write twice, both times setting it aside because I felt I wasn’t up to the challenge. I didn’t feel spiritually mature enough to handle the main character. At the risk of sounding like a holier-than-thou snob, I think I am now.

I expended a lot of mental energy working out a rough outline based on Libbie Hawker’s Take Off Your Pants! book. Now, I’m pounding out five pages a day in the novel. In addition, I am working a little bit in a math book every day. I hope to get one of each done about every three months – one novel, and one non-fiction book, I mean.

Non-writers might think this is crazy. But working on two or three projects at a time is the most effective prevention of writer’s block that I know of. Also, the one type of book taps into my right brain, the other, the left. So who knows? My method might just make me smarter. 😉

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