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Natural Treatment For Boils That WORKS!

Finding a natural treatment for boils has been a recent challenge for me. Three or four years ago, my husband started getting them regularly. Of course, at the very first we had no idea what those large, sore red places were – until we did some research, then got confirmation from a friend whose ex-husband used to get them.

They would grow larger and more painful. After several days, a white spot would form right in the middle of the boil, which would gradually grow larger. It was the pus coming to a head. And when the boil popped…

Eew. Gross. Blood and pus, pus and blood. We spent more money on large gauze pads because Jerry’s boils were large, and for the first couple of days after the boil popping the bandages would get soaked after a short few hours.

What was causing these boils? Stress? Staph? Hormonal imbalance?

I began to conclude staph when, months after Jerry started getting boils, one formed on our son’s leg.

Good grief.

I thought (rightly) it was only a matter of time before I started getting them. Up until then, I treated them the best I could with camphor and thyme essential oils. My friend had told us that camphor worked for her ex’s boils; when it didn’t seem to work for Jerry I added thyme.


Finally, I developed a suspiciously sore spot under my ear, and decided to try something different. I tried frankincense oil. It is both anti-inflammatory and pro-healthy skin. The sore was diminished by the next day, and gone by the day after that.

If it was a boil, I thought, I was onto something.

But undiluted frankincense oil is expensive, and the next time Jerry got a boil, I decided to try the 35% food-grade hydrogen peroxide I’d purchased as a kind of medicine. I put one drop of the h2o2 and two drops water in a cup measure and rubbed it onto the boil with my finger. I did this a couple of times, and the boil started drying up.

Since then, I’ve developed a formula to treat boils naturally. As soon as a boil is detected, rub a solution of equal parts (or 1:2 ratio) peroxide/water onto it (you only need a drop of each, or one drop peroxide and two drops water, per time you treat the boil). Do this for the first day two or three times, every three or four hours (say, after every meal).

The next couple of days, rub a couple of drops of frankincense oil on the spot three times a day. If it doesn’t seem to be drying up by the end of the second day, apply another bit of water-peroxide solution.

My fervent hope is that no one in our family will ever have to suffer a full-blown, bursting boil again. Of course, we are working on eliminating the root cause. But if you’ve ever had a boil, you understand the desperate need to eliminate the symptom. I made a video summarizing this natural treatment for boils; it follows – go ahead and watch it since it’s more entertaining than this post. 😉

The free report on essential oils mentioned in the video is no longer available. The Plant Guru brand is good, however.

2020 UPDATE: Since creating the video below, the incidences of boil eruptions of diminished greatly. I’m going to blame them primarily on stress.

We also discovered a more effective treatment for boils: castor oil. The second video, much more recent, is all about that.

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