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Off The Water Grid…AGAIN!

We finally did it. We disconnected from the water grid. This should not have been a bit scary. After all, when we moved here we had barely 500 gallons of water saved up, and we lived on the contents of two 1550-gallon tanks for over a year before connecting to the grid. (We only did so because we needed a lot of water to tamp down the soil during the burial of our earth-sheltered house.)

But back then, I had no idea how much water a sandy soil garden would need during a drought. And we didn’t have any of the dozens of fruit-bearing trees, vines and bushes that we do now.

Even so, we are planning to invest a few hundred dollars in pond liners so that the water will cease draining from the smallish pool that J has been digging off and on, and from the large pond we had dug behind our earth-sheltered house before the house was built. The small pool gets filled up in a two-inch storm, and the pond gets filled up during the spring rains.

PLUS…I’ve finally figured out how to make the soil here hold water!

Anyway I look at it, I see no more need for grid water. We will have plenty of water for everything from now on: what’s in the tanks for household use, plus supplementary garden; what’s in the pool and pond for watering trees and bushes (we are planning to buy a battery-powered pump to get water up from the pond and into buckets).

I shouldn’t have had any trepidation about watching the guys pull out our water meter. But I did.

I guess that goes to show how easily we become dependent on conveniences. However, I have to say that it will be easier to adjust to no monthly water bill than it was to adjust to one that kept creeping up without the customers ever being advised as to a change in rates.

We will now have almost $360 extra a year. In 2.5 yrs, the cost of getting connected in the first place ($900!) will be neutralized.

On second thought, I think I’m feeling that grid-free freedom creeping over me again…

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