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Okay, I Admit It – I’m Getting Excited

As you can tell from this post, I’ve been mostly resigned the past few months about the imminent construction of our earth-sheltered house.

But now I’m getting excited. A little.

Because of my garden

It’s a lot easier to have a large garden if I have a place to start seeds indoors. I cannot do that in our current tiny house.

J is going to build a many-windowed porch on the south side (the only side that will not be buried). That space will allow me to grow peppers, tomatoes, a lime and lemon tree, and who knows what else, inside during the winter without having to take up some of the precious 576 square feet that the house is going to be.

We are planning to build a rocket mass heater to heat the porch on winter days when the sun disappears and at night as needed to keep the temperature well above freezing. This will, in turn, help reduce the house heating needs.

Onto the southwest side of this porch we can additionally build a small greenhouse for growing yet more things (red dwarf bananas, anyone?).

Because we want our own bed

It will be really, really nice for J and me not to have to convert the couch into a bed every night, and vice versa in the morning, anymore.

Because the Internet is no longer an expensive issue

One of the earlier issues against the house was having to either use satellite Internet (which is as expensive as city Internet service but with much more limitations as far as both speed and bit [or is it byte?] usage), or buy a $600 cellular booster so that the wireless Internet service we finally decided on would work despite concrete walls.

But once J builds the porch, we can simply have the wireless router out there and connect to the Internet from the window on the other side. Or, of course, just go out to the porch to surf the Web.

Because of food storage

To reduce garbage and food costs, I want to get back into buying nuts, seeds, grains, and legumes in 20- pound bags. But we have absolutely nowhere to store that much bulk in our tiny house without seriously compromising the space. In the new house, we can use both the bathroom and our bedroom for such storage. Plus there may even be room in the kitchen cabinets; we’ll see.

It will be easier to store fall crops that have a long room-temperature shelf life, such as sweet potatoes and squash. I just discovered that Raintree Nursery sells a kind of Asian pear that stays good at room temperature for six months after harvest. Do you think I am going to buy a couple of those?

And do you think I might be getting more than a little excited?

Truth is, my ideal world will never exist. Neither will yours. The best we can do is to do the best we can with what we have and what we know, and enjoy it to the full.

The builders are coming Monday. Stay tuned, because starting either Tuesday or Wednesday I will begin making and publishing videos (here and on YouTube) of the whole process.

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