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On The Picking Of Nits

In the world of diet and nutrition, there are as many theories as there are religions. Truthfully, many followers of any particular dietary theory come to treat it as a religion. Some of the names of certain eating lifestyles even sound like a religion (“veganism.”)

Everyone who does not agree with their theory is going to nutritional hell (dying early from a horrible disease) unless they convert to the True Diet. Online, they work to evangelize by writing blog posts, participating on forums and in social media groups, and commenting on other people’s videos and blog posts.

Yes, there are principles of healthy eating to embrace if you want to live longer and/or reduce your risk of developing chronic and degenerative diseases. But these principles cross the boundaries of several of the healthiest of dietary theories.

Many, many people apparently haven’t received that memo yet. I can tell, because of all the diet nitpicking that runs rampant all across the Web.

Let me give you a couple of examples. In the following video, the intent of the couple is to demonstrate how breakfast doesn’t have to consist of processed foods such as dried cereal, canned orange juice, and doughnuts. Compared to the average American, their breakfast is nutrient-dense and generally healthy.

But when you look down in the comments section, a Natural Hygiene enthusiast first of all blasts them for eating eggs and oatmeal in the same meal (combining starches and animal products is a no-no). Then, he proceeds to criticize them for using non-stick cookware.

But they are not eating food that has been purposely laced with chemicals to enhance its flavor and appearances.

They are eating kale chips with their breakfast, for heaven’s sake!


Here’s the video:

A few days ago I came across another “healthy eating” video that has over 1.4 million views. You gotta know that any video with that many views that has comments enabled is going to have some sort of debate, somewhere.

First, watch the video and see what you think about the lady’s diet. Healthy, or not?

I say, healthy! Yes, I did have an issue with her using non-stick cookware and a microwave, but let’s set that aside for a moment. I’ll address it in a few paragraphs.

If you go to that video on YouTube, there are all sorts of people saying that she needs to eat more carbs and fats, more calories in general.

Nitpickers! She starts her day with a smoothie and what must be the healthiest pancake recipe I’ve ever seen. While I personally won’t eat seafood because of the toxicity risk, her lunch looks absolutely fabulous! And despite any toxins, the seafood nevertheless provides more than a bit of nutrition. She’s not eating a Big Mac and fries, people! (Talk about toxic food!)

We are all on a different journey

Granted, I wonder that the Hilders (in the first video), being as old as they are and being into a self-sufficient lifestyle, still haven’t had a revelation about non-stick cookware.

But, here’s the thing:

I am not on their journey.

Here’s the other thing (for anyone who might be a nitpicker):

Neither are you.

Back to the young lady’s video: when I was her age, I was eating low-carb (by accident), but most of the time it was not nearly as nutrient-dense as her meals are – at least in this video.

And I thought I was eating healthy!

I was eating approximately the same number of calories as she is. I had only three or four years prior found out about the dangers of microwave ovens and non-stick cookware.

Maybe when she made this video, she was on the verge of making that discovery. Or, maybe she already has but has decided that for herself, microwaving a few bits of food per day won’t impact her health. Based on the video and her blog (which I checked out), she seems to be an intelligent lady. Just like I had to when I hit forty, I’m confident she will tweak her diet IF she develops symptoms and finds that she is lacking anything in it. She will continue to learn about health, and change how she prepares food as she deems necessary.

She is on a different journey than I. Than you.

How about this?

How about instead of nitpicking where other people seem to be lacking compared to our own journey, we congratulate them for their growth instead?

Matthew 7:1-5

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