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OUL Episode #4: A Rural Internet Rant, And…THE HOUSE IS BURIED!

Rural Internet service is known to be buggy. But however much I like to whine when our wireless Internet is being schizo, I have to remember that back in Plano where the only choice was Verizon Fios, that service wasn’t consistently great, either.

Is satellite better than wireless? I’ve heard that satellite Internet today is a lot better than it was a decade ago. Still, the locals tell us that usually when wireless isn’t working well, neither is the satellite. And vice-versa. I’m 99.9% sure it has to do with the altitude. There is a lot more moisture and wind interruption of signals when you’re higher up.

Sure, with satellite you don’t have to compete with other people surfing online. But wireless costs 1/4 as much as satellite for the same amount of data.

In the fourth episode of “Our Underground Life”, I demonstrate how frustrating surfing online can be here. And it also shows the end of the burial process for our earth-sheltered house. Enjoy!

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