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Our Son Has Seen The Light!

Okay, make that, our son has a light. In his room.

“What the – didn’t he already have a light in his room?” you ask, scratching your head.

Great question! Because of course, normal people have a light inside each and every bedroom, right? The thing is, we’re not exactly normal.

Actually, we’re weird. In more ways than not having lights in the bedrooms. But if you watch the following video, you’ll understand why B has not had a light in his room.

So, why now? Why did J install a light in his room? Easy. I was tired of being awakened in the early morning by B’s call of, “I need to pee!”

See, the light switch to the main light (with the ceiling fan) is on the other side of the house near the entrance. The lamp in the kitchen is in, well, the kitchen. From the video you can see that it’s even farther away from B’s bedroom than the main light switch. As a result, up until now when B has needed to go when we’ve been in bed, one of us has had to get up and turn on the lamp.

“Couldn’t he just use a flashlight?”

Another great question, and our original strategy. But soon after beginning to use one, B decided that it didn’t provide enough light. Also, it was hard to hold onto it while he was doing his business.

Finally, J got tired of getting up to turn on the lamp. “Why don’t I put a light in B’s room,” he asked me a few weeks ago, “with a switch up by his bed and one underneath his bed?”

I think he expected an argument from me. I don’t know why, since I’m always so amenable to people wanting to use more electricity and spend more money on things that aren’t absolutely necessary.

But even though lately B has been waking up when we’re already either awake or out of bed, I was more than ready to not risk being awakened from a sound sleep again.

Here are the two light switches. The first photo is the one that is below the bed, the second one shows the switch at the head of his bed.

Notice the tidy wooden boxes J made out of scrap wood for housing the switches.

Here’s the light:

Here are the two cords from the switches, connected:

After J got everything connected and working, I expected that B would forget and continue to announce his need to pee for a few days (or nights). However, the very first morning after I was lying in bed, processing the dream I had just awakened from, I suddenly saw a strange light glowing on the east side of the house.

It took me a few seconds. Oh, yeah, B has a light in his room now!

Oh, I suppose you’re wondering why B doesn’t go into the bathroom. How can I put this delicately? We poop in a bucket of dirt. And if pee gets added to that, it gets a lot grosser than it already is. So during the day, the boys find a tree outside to water. At night (and during inclement weather), they have empty plastic food containers.

What about me? A-hem, this post is about B’s new light, thank you very much. 😉

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