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Our Tiny House Makeover

I recently promised to tell you why I’ve been incognito for a couple of weeks. One reason is that I just felt like not blogging. So there!

The other reason is that I gave myself a huge project that kept me busy for several hours a day for about a week. I call it the “Tiny House Makeover.”

When we first moved into the finished-out Tuff Shed (because it was a much nicer and much warmer – we moved in the dead of winter – space  than the twenty-one-foot travel trailer we started in; besides, I didn’t think I could stand one more day in the trailer with our son – who had no place to store toys, let alone play with them, in the trailer), we were only going to be there a few months. At the time, we were going to build our own small earthbag house.

For reasons I won’t get into, we changed our minds. And after all the ordeal of moving and finishing out the shed, we didn’t want to do any more work. So we moved in with exposed drywall all around, and with the windows left bare and untrimmed.

Determined to use only the furniture we’d brought with us, the southeast corner became home to two metal shelves which we used for storage – including storage of our clothes. While I rearranged (and bought) furniture probably three times last year to first, make room for the portable air conditioner, and later, make the kitchen area less cluttered, the only space that was really ever nice to look at was the living room area.

Of course, we also had to have a space for a rat cage and a cat litter box up until last December, which limited us some.

Thanks to the very wet winter and spring the past few months, the builders of our earth-sheltered home took a lot longer to complete the home that was before ours. They were originally slated to come up in early April and build. Then the date got pushed to mid-May. Then early June.

As I write these words, it is July first and I doubt they will make it by the middle of the month, which was the last thing we’d heard.

A couple of months ago, I got sick of looking at the ugly drywall and the cluttered pantry. I had come to detest the southeast corner of the house. The curtains covering the tiny bathroom area were dingy and had mildew spots. Ick.

And I realized that we really had no idea how much longer we were going to be in the tiny house.

I was tired of ugly. So I set out to do a tiny house makeover.

First on the agenda was to declutter the storage shed. Why? I needed to get some things out of the house if I was going to eliminate one of the metal shelves (at the time I didn’t think I could get rid of both of them). But the storage shed was packed full!

The following video explains what I did to remedy that situation.

Then, it was time to redo the house. The very first thing I did was texture and cover up the drywall. What an amazing difference, right there! Then I set out to beautify the pantry, declutter the kitchen table, and reconfigure the southeast corner. Jerry was a great help in this, being willing and able to…but you need to watch the video to see what he did. 😉

Do you like that clothes hanging rack? If you’d like to know how to make your own, or are just curious about the steps that went into it, I made yet another video of Jerry going through the process of putting it together. It wasn’t as easy as he’d first imagined, but once he got over the challenging part he got done fairly quickly.

Here’s the video:

I’m so much happier with our tiny house that I wouldn’t mind not moving. 🙂

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