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“Our Underground Life”, The First Episode

In a recent blog post that you don’t need to read, I said that I was going to be posting the episodes of “Our Underground Life” YouTube show to one of my Blogger blogs. I said that I didn’t think I should mix my personal life with business on this blog.

Two things changed my mind. First of all, how on earth can I separate my personal life from my business life? That goes against all I believe about holistic living. Besides, I know for myself that I enjoy reading blogs with a personal touch, that aren’t purely professional.

Second of all, I discovered a couple of weeks ago that most of the “traffic” I’ve been getting to that blog has been from spambots. Basically, I’ve been getting hardly any human visitors.

I get plenty of humans reading this blog (thank you), so I am going to leverage what I already have going on here.

So I am going to begin posting the episodes of “Our Underground Life” on this blog, probably two a week, maybe more if I have a week where I do two or three episodes. If you have been following the episodes on YouTube, feel free to skip these posts because I’m going to go ahead and start with Episode #1. In other words, Live Your Dreams is going to be behind YouTube.

Introducing…”Our Underground Life”

In this first episode of “Our Underground Life”, I get into the main disadvantage of living in a house as small as ours. That is, we have to be super-careful in the morning so as not to wake up our son. We can’t turn on the ceiling fan light and we can’t talk at a normal volume, or make otherwise loud-ish noises.

Would it be easier if his bedroom had a ceiling and door? A little, but we decided not to for two reasons. The main reason is that an earth-sheltered home is susceptible to mold if you are not religious about air circulation. So the two bedrooms are open at the top and doorless so they can get maximum air circulation (we hope the bathroom gets enough just be keeping the doors open when the bathroom is not stinky).

The other reason is that each of the bedrooms are only sixty-four square feet in area. We decided to build B a loft bed in order to give him the maximum amount of vertical space. With the loft bed there, a ceiling is impossible.

I hope you enjoy this first episode of “Our Underground Life.” If you do, please share this blog post, and if you’re not already subscribed to my YouTube channel, consider doing so. Thanks!

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