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A New Direction For This Blog

I changed my mind. Again.

But I can assure you, this time I will not be changing it back.

Stop rolling your eyes. My wishy-washiness with blogs is OVER.

I am closing down the “Emily Josephine Writes” blog – as well as my Blogger blog, Emily Homesteader – and from now on will blog here only.

Renewed purpose

As you can see via my new header, I’m tweaking the purpose of this blog. While I may occasionally talk directly about personal finance or health or personal development, I am no longer going to focus on such topics as means to achieving greater personal freedom. Instead, I’m going to share my life stories. They may be from any time during my life. They may come from my early childhood, they may come from what happened last week.

Two posts a week will be humorous (at least, that’s my goal). Other posts will take a more serious look at life.

Whether funny or serious, I intend for every single post to inspire you to move forward in your journey, whether it’s simply by giving you a little comic relief in the middle of a stressful day, or whether it’s helping you to heal or get encouragement in some area of your life.

For the next couple of months, some of the posts might seem outdated. That’s because they will be. I’m going to take down all the articles from Emily Josephine Writes and slowly re-post them to this blog. I’m going to leave them as they are, except to add a sentence at the beginning letting you know that the event in the post actually happened some time ago.

If you’d like to receive my life stories that will help you to improve your life story in your inbox, the instant I publish them, please sign up in the form in the right sidebar. This is not an e-mailing list. I won’t have access to your e-mail when you sign up to it. You’re just telling my blog’s server that you want to see the RSS feed (i.e., my blog posts) in your e-mail inbox.

So sign up and be happy. 🙂 See you again soon.


What is a leader? Or, better, what makes a person a leader? Usually this question is answered in the context of personal characteristics, behaviors, and actions. But circumstances can make a leader, too.

I recently discovered that if you make videos and publish them publicly to YouTube, you automatically become a leader. That is, once you start getting views and subscribers.

That can be a good thing if you have a message you deem is important and people begin embracing it and incorporating it into their lives. For example, one of my greatest desires is for people to be healthy so that they can live the life of their dreams. I want people to know about the simple ways available to avoid disease and find financial freedom. So when someone watches my videos, implements a principle I share, and experiences positive results, being a leader is an exciting thing.

But this weight of leadership can also be scary. Because you can say the wrong thing, and influence someone the wrong way.

I did just that a couple of months ago. I went on YouTube and announced that “this is my last video!”, and then sent people to a post on this very blog (which I have since trashed) explaining why I was quitting YouTube. I was frustrated how hard I’ve worked for so long and not gained the necessary views to earn a decent income. In the blog post, I blamed YouTube for my perceived failure.

And for two months, I ignored my YouTube channel, including the comments section.

When I realized the error of my ways and returned to creating and uploading videos, I decided to catch up on any comments. There, I found a young lady who had this to say:

I watched your goodbye video and I’m so sad you’re leaving. I don’t blame you a bit for your reasons on your blog post. I have wanted to start a channel because I think I have a lot to share, but all the reasons you mentioned has stopped me from doing so….

My heart fell to my feet. No, no, no! I didn’t mean for anybody to quit – or not start – a YouTube channel just because of my skewed perspectives on things! Just because I was having a bad day…or week.

Here was my response:

[NAME OF YT USER], I came back. PLEASE don’t let my temporary discouragement keep you from starting a YouTube channel. I feel bad that I may have discouraged you from following your heart. Unless you’re determined to make money from YT, it’s not about the numbers but about touching the people who are listening to your message. This is one thing that has brought me back….

She still hasn’t replied to my comment, so I’m sure she never saw it.

So now I feel guilty. What if she would have had smashing success with YouTube? What if working a YouTube channel would have helped her meet her financial goals? What if was God’s will for her to start and maintain a YouTube channel? What if she has an important message that will change someone’s life for the better, but they never hear it because I discouraged her?

What if she wasn’t the only one who gave up on her YouTube dream because of my hasty words?

I feel guilty for my sin. I’ve prayed for God to rectify the situation, that if she’s supposed to start a channel she will regardless of my stupidity.

And I learned a hard lesson. It’s like what they say in MLM: “When you’re up, call your downline. When you’re down, call your upline.”

In other words, don’t gripe or express your doubts to the people you are leading. Save your negativity for your mentors, the people who have been around the block longer and will likely have an encouraging word to lift your spirits.

I freely admit: I messed up.

Do me a favor and learn vicariously through my experience.






From Unschooling Woes To Unschooling Joy

Though I’ve decided to no longer post personal stories or homesteading info on this blog (see this blog and this other blog for those types of posts), I thought I’d update you on a post I wrote a couple of months ago entitled “Unschooling Woes.”

It got too hot and humid too fast for the plan I laid out in that post to be humane. It also got to be where I was feeling like a control freak again and taking away my son’s freedom.

So here’s the compromise we made: we play a rousing game of tag first thing in the morning, for about seven minutes (that’s seven minutes of hard running – the equivalent of nearly an hour of jogging). B will splash around in the little pond we have for fruit tree watering most days that we don’t go to the nearby state park to go swimming.

We go swimming for about an hour two to three times a week.

That takes care of the exercise concern. What about his intense interest in a seemingly mindless and useless activity?

I read this article. Not quite halfway down, someone contributed this encouraging piece:

My proof of my two teens and their “work efforts” from doing the seemingly endless days of nothing when they were children is I just came back from my 16 yo son’s job at a local pizza restaurant and was told that he is a rare gem because they have never seen the work ethics in someone so young before. He was the one who spent endless hours on video games till finished then afterwards, would announce how bored he was and then moved on to other adventures. He was always keeping busy because he never liked being bored. Many activities never appeared to look like school but I know he was learning and investigating life.

My 17 yo daughter was often found outside as child, staring off into nothing. I would chat with her later to find she was telling stories in her mind. She is now in college and her major is in Communications.

Trust that your child will have their own best interests in mind and will be very motivated to pursue what drives their passion.

More recently, I watched this video:

Listen, if an obsession with roller coasters can lead to a productive adult life…

The joy has returned to our unschooling journey. 🙂


Hello, dear reader! In case you missed Thursday’s post, today and tomorrow – June 2 and 3, 2018 – the price of my “Texas Hearts” boxed set has been reduced down to 99 cents.

That’s five full-length clean romance novels for less than a dollar!

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