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Peace And Contentment

I am enjoying the freedom of not having a daily quota of pages to write for a book. I have recently spent several weeks cranking out several books to help you live more simply, and just now I feel as if I would just as soon not work on another large writing project again.

I am enjoying this sense of freedom.

I am enjoying the fact that this afternoon, B forgot all about watching one of National Geographic DVD’s which he had planned to watch, and instead spent a good while swimming in the pool (which is actually just a large hole we dug in the ground).

I am enjoying the fact that in said pool we discovered a dragonfly larvae, eating up many of the mosquito larvae that have been flourishing there thanks to the never-ending rain that hasn’t given the pool a chance to drain out.

I am enjoying the fact that with the tiny house open, the small oscillating fan is enough to keep us cool. The portable air conditioner, even just on fan, is annoyingly loud. And I am enjoying that we feel comfortable without it.

I am enjoying the knowledge that the two tomato plants I thought were goners, are now growing. And that I finally have two cucumber plants.

I am enjoying that although we can’t get to town because of the washed-out bridge, we can still get to the goat dairy for B to play with his little friend there.

I am enjoying having plenty of food stocked away. It’s okay that we can’t get anywhere to buy food, because we acquired a good store before the flooding happened.

I am enjoying listening to the tree frogs. And a cricket or two.

I am enjoying peace and contentment. How about you?

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