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Scorpions, and Fall Is Here!

Winter is on its way

I’ll start with fall. It’s here! The average first frost for our area is November first, but we only got close to forty degrees for a low once or twice in October, and most every day of this October and November has had a high of anywhere between 75 and 90. (Yes, I said 90. Ninety. As in, ten degrees away from 100.)

Most every day, that is, until this morning. We awoke to wet ground and 66 balmy degrees. The breeze even felt warm.

About an hour later, the wind came up. Within a half hour, the temperature had dropped ten degrees.

The low tonight is supposed to be 31. We’ll see. For the last year the predicted highs and lows have mostly been four or five degrees lower than what we actually got.

But I’m going to cover the peppers tonight. Coax them along a little longer.

Now, about something I do not want to coax…


Scorpions in southeast Oklahoma are not deadly. I just wanted to throw that out there before I went on, because I used to think all scorpions could kill.

Hey, give me a break, will ya? I grew up in the North, and everything I learned about tarantulas, coyotes, and scorpions were from Hollywood.

To start off, may I share a lovely story from my journal which happened in September:

Here’s what I thought had happened, based on what I saw immediately after the sound of broken glass reverberated around the house: B had caught a scorpion in a jar. He tripped and dropped it, spilling out the pest just before the jar shattered into a million pieces. He was grabbing his foot and whining in pain because he had been cut.

Here’s what really happened: B had taken a jar (my smoothie jar, thank you very much!) off the pantry shelf to capture a moth that was on the window. He did not see the nasty, surprisingly large scorpion scuttling across the floor. Until he stepped on it. The scorpion stung his foot, which caused B to drop the jar (MY jar).

Then – get this – B wouldn’t let us kill the bleeping bug!

How are we getting scorpions in our house, you ask? Well, the risk of DIY when you’re not a professional is that you might hang the exterior door just a little bit crooked. Which just might leave a little crack at the bottom for critters to crawl through. And even though I got smart about a month ago and started stuffing the crack at night, they are apparently still sneaking in during the day.

Yesterday, there was one on the kitchen wall. This morning, B found one on the wall near the ceiling in his bedroom.

B sleeps in a loft bed. Translated: the scorpion was inches away from his mattress.

This is the second time he has found a scorpion up there.

Good thing he likes scorpions.

Don’t’cha just want to come for a visit? You can sleep in his bed!

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