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Six Reasons For Starting A Micro-Business That You Can’t Ignore

In the last post about starting a micro-business, I shot off a few ideas to get you started.

But really, I put the cart before the horse. I didn’t talk about the reasons for starting your own business. I have touched on a major one in the past, but I haven’t get into detail about the benefits of working from home. You could probably come up with the list right along with me, so why should I bother?

Because chances are sky-high that if you’re reading this, you have not yet started your own micro-business, so you need yet another nudge in that direction. So, here we go: five reasons to work from home – specifically, on a home-based business (as opposed to a home-based job).

Reason #1: You save money.

When you don’t have to commute to a job, you save money either on car insurance, gas, and maintenance, or on public transportation fees. You are also more likely to eat a homemade lunch than when you are working outside your home.

Reason #2: You reduce stress.


Even a fifteen-minute commute can set you off balance. I know, because I used to drive through Dallas for that length of time to get to my teaching job. Whoever said that Texans are friendly never drove through Dallas during rush hour!

Besides the commute, there’s dealing with bosses and co-workers you might not get along with as well as deadline pressures. And if nothing about your job fulfills you, the entire workday is likely to feel like a grind.

That’s not to say that running your own micro-business comes stress-free. But if you play it smart and make sure to keep your day job until your business is consistently bringing you the income that you want from it, it should cause you a lot less stress than a day job.

Speaking of income…

Reason #3: A business income has more potential than any job.

A big reason is that you can scale your business to produce more money in less time. For example, if you love to teach people about training ferrets you might start out teaching a local class once a month. But you could choose to scale that income by producing a video class that you then sell on a website like Udemy or Teachable, and you can get a lot more students in a lot shorter period of time, earning you considerably more money.

Another reason that a business income has more potential than a job income is that if you want or need to make more money, you can. You can take on more clients, or work more hours, or – as mentioned above – scale your chosen business model upward. You don’t have to wait for a company to decide you deserve a bonus or a three percent pay raise.

Reason #4: Your schedule is a lot more flexible.

When you don’t have to answer to a boss or clock in, you can work whenever you want. If you’re a morning person, you can work mostly in the morning and take the afternoons off. If you’re an afternoon or night person, vice-versa.

If you or a child has a doctor’s appointment, you are free to leave whenever you need to and make up the time you missed later – or, better yet, make appointments during your down time of the day.

Speaking of sick kids…


Reason #5: You are home.

If you have children, this is huge. If you have preschool and younger children, you don’t have to pay someone to watch them while you go to work. If they are school age, you are sure to be there when they get home – and don’t have to worry about taking a day off (and potentially losing income) when they get sick.

If you want to homeschool your children, you can do so around the hours that you work your business.

Reason #6: You often work fewer hours than a day job.

Many micro-business owners, be they bloggers, network marketers, or writers, work a lot fewer than the traditional 40 (which has lately grown more to 50) hours per week. They typically work three to five hours a day and make a full-time income.

This translates into time freedom. You have more time to relax and recreate, more time to spend with family and friends.

Ready to start your own business?

Working from home on a micro-business is not all fun and games, and it usually takes time and persistence to build it to the level where you can quit your job.

So the question I leave with you is this: are the reasons for starting your own business worth that time and effort? I say, “Yes!” And I also say that if you download your free copy of Take Back Your Life! by filling out the form at the top of the page, you will get tons of tips and information to help you develop greater life freedom.

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  • Stacy Wallace July 16, 2016, 7:13 pm

    I bought your fiction book sets Texas Hearts & Choices and Chances. I have been trying to get the free ebooks you offered in them but the link doesn’t seem to work right. Will u please send me the link to download them? Thanks, Stacy

    • Emily July 16, 2016, 8:21 pm

      Hi, Stacy – thanks for your purchase! I’m sorry I didn’t catch that error. I have fixed it now so that if you click the link in the right sidebar at the top, you can download several freebies from the page that comes up. I hope they help! 🙂