Get Your Garden Growing, Headache Free!


I shouldn’t be telling you this. It’s kind of like that secret mothers have, never telling future mothers how much pain childbirth really causes.

But having gone through the kind of pain I’m about to reveal, I don’t want you to have to experience it, either.

The pain?

Trying to plan out your first garden.

Or even second or third. If you didn’t get it right the first time, you might struggle for another year or three before figuring out the secret to vegetable garden design success. For some reason, veteran gardeners gloss over this pain when teaching beginners how to grow vegetables.

Wouldn’t you love to save yourself many hours, headaches, and dollars with your food garden?

If you’re reading this page, you’re likely in one of three places.

CATEGORY ONE: You’re thinking about starting a garden, but are wondering if it makes a difference what you plant where.

CATEGORY TWO: You want to grow some of your own food, but don’t think you have enough space.

CATEGORY THREE: You’ve already had a year or two of gardening experience, and are still struggling with how to place all the plants.

Whichever category you fall under, this book will solve your problem.

And I have even more good news: it doesn’t matter where you live! The book provides plans for both northern climates (U.S. hardiness zones 2-5) and southern climates (zones 6-10), with plans for spaces of varying sizes – 22 plans in all! It even provides plans for patio container gardening!

The garden plans are only the beginning…

This book begins by telling you:

  • How to build raised beds;
  • How to keep the soil rich and nutritious, naturally;
  • The proper spacing of plants;
  • How to trellis vining and climbing crops; and
  • Which herbs and flowers are the best companions for your vegetables in order to reduce pests, improve flavor, and attract pollinators.



Ulla L.: “Very instructive, informative and useful !!!”

G. Manningon: “I enjoyed reading this and learned a lot will definitely use as a resource in planting my garden this year.”


It gets even better!

The garden plans in this book not only fit the average suburban backyard (and smaller), but also teach you how to plant the bio-intensive way, which will produce more food in less space, with a lot less weeding!

Download the book for FREE!

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