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Welcome to my Live Your Dreams blog! I set it up so that I could have a space to teach others to become free to live the life of their dreams. Freedom in what? In every area of life, but here I focus in on the areas of finances, health, and work.


As of September 2016, I will be writing a lot about homeschooling, because that is a new passion of mine. I believe the topic fits right in with this blog, because homeschooling frees children; schools are like day prisons. In other words, children learn to live a life of freedom when their parents make the sacrifice to educate them at home.

Now, onto the places on this blog that are generally to help adults grow into a freer life:

The first place to start is to download your copy of Take Back Your Life! 3 Steps To Designing The Life You REALLY Want. Simply click right here to grab your copy – no e-mail required!

Next, you will want to read several blog posts that epitomize what I’m all about. I’m going to keep it simple, and just list the hyperlinked titles of the posts. Most of them are self-explanatory.

Slavery Does Not Become You (a short but potent read)

Want To Be Truly Healthy? You Need Money

You Were Born To Take Dominion, Not Be Dominated

Eight Ways To Stay Out Of Debt

The Secret To An Extraordinary Life

Ignore This Basic Health Principle, And Die

Eight Steps To Financial Freedom

The Free-Range Kid Conundrum

Hate Your Job? Here’s What To Do

If you want more information about any of the topics I cover on this blog, simply click the corresponding tab in the menu at the top of the page. To learn more about me and my family’s life, click the “Our Journey” tab. The “Our Journey” link that drops down goes to a page where I have summarized the major steps in our moving out to our dream property and getting everything set up.

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Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to keep coming back for more encouragement and information that will help you get free to live your dreams!