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Story Math™ Update

I had to start over with the first grade book. Again.

For the third time.

The problem is, my original outline of the curriculum did not include Kindergarten. And the stories I had outlined were long and complicated, with a lot of tedious instructions and explanations interwoven within.

Then I wrote Kindergarten Story Math™, which consists of cute, short stories in which the characters teach each other and learn various math objectives via real life projects. Interspersed in the book are activity pages for the students to practice what they have learned.

Then I started on the first grade book. The introduction to the characters and story line went on forever before it finally gets to actual math concepts. Then, I tried to pack as much technical math information and terminology into the story via one of the characters as I could. And that’s not to mention the lengthy explanations of how and why to do a certain thing.

I had almost finished what was going to amount to twenty days of lessons when I woke up and asked myself, “What parent in their right mind is going to enjoy this?” Because the story was full of tedium.

The answer: none.

Did you hear me tell you that this was my third attempt? Would you believe my first attempts were even more off the mark?


I prayed. I told Father that I wasn’t going to do a single thing more with Story Math™ until He gave me solid direction about it.

He did. Basically: keep it simple and fun.

So, my update on writing the Story Math™ curriculum: I’ll be finished editing the Kindergarten book in a few days, and then I am going to start over with first grade. The stories will be more like those in the Kindergarten book: short, sweet, and to the point. I am also going to include more hands-on activities, such as games that reinforce skills.

I’ll let you know how it’s going later. Thanks for staying tuned. 🙂


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