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Success Factor: Increase Your Value

Answering the question, “How do I become successful?” is simple. Success comes when you are in the process of living out your potential.

But as they say, it may be simple, but it’s not easy. So I am taking you through the success factors so you can begin to tweak your attitudes, perceptions and behaviors in order to live a more fulfilled life.

In the video below I talk about the importance of increasing your value. That means, go the extra mile. Don’t just do what you have to do for other people and stop. Go a little bit further. Help your boss solve a problem. Volunteer in your community a few hours a month. Spend more time with your kids.

I am increasing my value by keeping this blog. I don’t <i>need to. In fact, in terms of sheer numbers of people who will ever see this content, I am much better off uploading videos to YouTube and publishing to Kindle.

But at some point, some person – maybe even you – will get some encouragement or inspiration from something I write, and your life will get a little bit better because I didn’t worry about getting 10,000 visitors a month to my blog.

I only cared about you.

And in doing so, increased my value.

So watch the video and be blessed.



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To your success!



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