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Success Factor Number Five: Learn Something New Every Day

Continuing on with the “success factors” series, this video repeats an old adage that my dad liked to quote: you learn something new every day. Except that with the success principle, you change it into the command form – learn something new every day.

Should you take that literally? Why not? Between the vast store of knowledge found in libraries, and the even greater information source found in the Internet, it’s easy to learn something new every day.

Got a dictionary? Memorize the meaning of a new word. Have trouble spelling <i>beginning? (I always did when I was a kid – and I was otherwise an excellent speller!) Learn the word so thoroughly you can spell it backwards.

Check out a wildlife book from your local library and learn about a new animal. Get online and find out how women do laundry in the African bush. Watch that video your best friend posted on Facebook – it might actually be educational!

Successful people are lifelong learners. You never know when a particular piece of knowledge might help you, or help you to help somebody else somewhere down the line.

Enjoy the video, and remember to share it with a friend. 🙂

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