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Success Factor Number Four: Exceed Expectations

What does it take to be successful? We’ve looked at three success factors so far; the following video explores the fourth – exceed expectations.

In the video I talk about the plumbing company that we never hired back for any work, but I didn’t talk about the one that I think we hired three times. Why? Well, note in the video what I say about contractors leaving a mess. This particular plumbing company trained their guys to put on those paper slippers when entering a client’s home. They didn’t make a mess – and of course, did great repair jobs.

As you finish up the video, think about the different areas in your life you can exceed expectations: with your family, on the job or in your business, in your community. Heck, why not really shock everyone and actually put the shopping cart where it goes in the parking lot? 😉

Enjoy the video!

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