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Success Factor Number Ten: Befriend Successful People

In this Success Factors Series video, I discuss a tip that is hard for a lot of people to carry it out.

But the difficulty usually isn’t so much practical as what is between the people’s ears. Befriending people who are where you want to be seems intimidating because of your lack of belief and confidence in yourself. The reason you can’t approach somebody making a mid-six-figure income annually is you feel either you’re not worthy, or the millionaire won’t see you as being worth their time.

The fact is, successful people thoroughly enjoy sharing their story, and helping other people to get there. I love sharing our story about reaching early retirement – although some people have a hard time believing it (again, it’s a “between the ears” issue).

So as you watch this video, think about some of the big dreams you have in life. Where might you find people who have already fulfilled a similar dream, and how might you approach them in order to become their friend?

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