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Success Factor Number Twelve: Get Help With Your Finances

When the question comes up about how to be successful, usually some level of wealth is  implied. While I am adamant that success can be obtained without a lot of money – it’s about personal fulfillment, not being rich – I am also adamant that being responsible with your finances is critical to whatever other goals you may have.

What if your personal financial situation is a mess? How do you get it straightened out?

You could read how-to books that walk you through the steps to financial freedom. But as helpful as those books can be, some people are just not self-disciplined enough to take the initiative to follow the steps – or to continue once they begin.

Or – let’s face it – some people’s financial situation is such a huge mess that it is overwhelming to even think about.

If you’re in debt and/or have overspending habits that are hard to control, and you know you need to turn things around but are having a hard time doing it yourself, then it’s okay to get help!

Actually, people who succeed often get help even when they’re not in dire financial straits. Sometimes, they seek financial counsel from an expert in order to grow their investments bigger, or increase revenue from a business.

Successful people often, at some point, get outside help with their finances. Why? Because it’s a critical aspect of achieving goals. Money doesn’t make the world go round, but it sure goes far in helping you eat and stay comfortable! If you only need a tweak here and there, reading a couple of books might be all you need. If you look at your bills every month with a sense of overwhelm and dread, you may need to hire someone for a few months to help dig you out of your pit.

Enjoy the video, and remember that you can get your copy of “The Money Monster” by filling in the form on the right sidebar.

To your success!


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