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The Coziest House On Earth?

I’m already liking the climate of our earth-sheltered house – and it’s not even finished! First of all, Jerry has yet to finish trimming the doors and windows. There is a six-inch or so wide and six-foot tall space on either side of the door, both completely open to the outside as I write these words. The north, east and west sides of the house are mostly done except for a half to one foot of topsoil. The top has an average of two feet of dirt, with the Styrene already buried there. By the end the top should average around three and a half feet of dirt.

So…the earth-sheltered house is, indeed, earth-sheltered, but not as much as we were told to bury it. The interior of the house is not completely sealed. That alone should invite the weather – temperature and humidity – inside, right?

Yesterday was chilly and rainy, and most of the afternoon and evening our tiny house was at 72 humid degrees (translated: it was chilly). We kept the windows closed all night to keep the house from getting too cold. When we woke up, it was seventy degrees in here, and still very humid (we have cloudy, drizzly weather right now). Uncomfortable. Three hours after we got up, the temperature in the tiny house was closer to sixty-nine degrees.

I decided to go to the dome (what we affectionately call the earth-sheltered house) to check out the climate within. I thought it had been feeling cooler during eightiesh degree days and a bit warmer these past couple of days with highs in the low seventies than in our tiny house.

I opened the door to the dome, walked in – and wished I could spend the rest of the day there. I could immediately tell it was both warmer and less humid inside the dome than inside our tiny house.

And here I thought tiny houses were the coziest! Even though it’s almost two-thirds smaller than the dome, it turns out not to be so cozy when the space heater is not running on a chilly, humid day.

I am looking forward to moving into our earth-sheltered house more than ever. 🙂

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