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The Declutter Continues, The Redecorating Begins

Somewhere on my YouTube channel, on a video five to six years old, I tell you how many boxes of books we gave away during our final pre-move declutter. We had done a book declutter before that, as well (not quite as many boxes), and before J moved into my condo with me after we were married he got rid of dozens of sci-fi paperbacks.

So you would think we would be down the bare bones when it comes to books. You would think the books that we have are the books we really want.

But remember this post where I talked about how I’ve been saving books just in case B wanted them when he gets older?

They are going bye-bye. Along with several history books J hasn’t touched since we moved here. Yes, this required a slight twisting of an arm; however, he did concede he could find whatever history information he wanted online. (And check this out: one of those books was one of his COLLEGE TEXTBOOKS! He graduated from college back in 1993, people!)

Here are those books, which will be donated to the Goodwill probably within the next month:

FYI, I never thought I’d be getting rid of Great Garden Companions. But I don’t look at it anymore. And Nourishing Traditions goes against what I believe to be ethical and sustainable eating.

Another stack of books I’m going to box up and keep in the Tuff Shed loft. These are books that B might want for himself or for his children (homeschooling books) when he’s grown up. The drawing books no one is using, and probably won’t be used again.

The “Calvin and Hobbes” books are going because we recently purchased the four-volume set of the entire ten years of that comic strip. I didn’t even have to ask J if we could take the old ones off the shelf; he volunteered the suggestion!

Maybe his arm was still hurting from the history books. 😉

What, me, redecorate?

Our house has looked cheap and junky in some areas since we moved in because I wanted to save money. So we used what we already had instead of buying nicer-looking items.

Also, since B got his computer last year our cozy living area basically disappeared. I want that back.  I also want our clothes and the dry goods pantry to be enclosed to keep the dust off of them. I want more color around to offset all the neutrals of the walls and furniture.

So I believe a bit of redecorating is in order. It’s going to be a slower process than the decluttering, and I’m not sure how the final product will look.

The first order of business was to order two chairs. I’ve been wanting two extra wooden dining room chairs for a while now. We’ve only had two, which means first, J has been sitting in an ugly metal folding chair at the table. He’s needed a cushion to sit on to make it comfortable, plus the chair isn’t quite high enough for the table.

B has been having to move his Windsor chair between his computer desk and the dining table. So the decision was both functional and aesthetic.

I was pleasantly surprised when the order arrived and the chairs didn’t require any assembly!

Here’s a photo of B removing the first chair from the box:

Here he is, sitting in the chair:

Incidentally, these chairs look exactly like the ones that we used to have in Plano that went with the table. (They were ruined by the rain they were exposed to despite being under a patio roof.)

Like I said before, baby steps. J does like the new chair much better than the folding chair, and B is happy not to have to cart his chair around several times a day.

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