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The Declutter Has Turned FAST

I’m so excited! I am so close to rearranging our house that I can almost taste it!

Within the past couple of days, I completed the biggest hurdle to reaching my goal: clearing off and reorganizing the bookcases.

They are not in their final form yet, but I’d like to share with you the “before” and “getting close to after” photos I have so far. Please excuse the graininess of the photos; I didn’t use the flash because that often puts a big, bright spot in the middle of a picture.

The bed shelves

When J built our high platform bed, I asked him to build in two shelves above the headboard end so that we could store his sci-fi paperbacks there. They’re not exactly pretty to look at, so I didn’t want them on the living room bookcases.

This is what these shelves used to look like:

This is what they look like now:

What happened? After deciding to get rid of a bunch of books on the one bookcase (we’ll call it “tall bookcase #1), the ones that were left – and I’m talking about my and J’s books, not B’s – easily fit on the shelves above our bed. All I had to do was remove the rocks that we’d been using as decorative bookends.

Tall bookcase #1

Here is the bookcase I just mentioned before:

Here it is in transition:

After taking that photo, I told B that it was his turn to declutter his books, which took up the bottom two shelves here as well as half of one of the small bookcase shelves. I asked him to pull out all of the ones that he wasn’t interested in anymore.

Turned out to be most of them. Not a surprise when I tell you that most of the books are geared for younger children – Little Golden Books, Dr. Seuss, and the like – but a surprise to me because last year around this time he wasn’t willing to part with any of them.

All those books went into boxes and into the Tuff Shed. We’re not going to give them away, because one day, B may want them for his own children or we may want them for our grandkids to have something to do when they come visit.

On the top shelf of that bookcase were the photo albums. I moved them to the other bookcase. The books that B is keeping fit on one of the short bookcase shelves, which I had decluttered previously.

So here’s the end result of the decluttering Tall Bookcase #1:

What’s the point of emptying the bookcase? Are we going to post it to craigslist? Store it in the Tuff Shed?

Nope. B wants a place to store his slowly growing cache of remote control toys, a place where they won’t get dusty. So I’m going to buy storage boxes as the toys accumulate, and they will live on this bookcase.

Tall Bookcase #2

How about the second tall bookcase in the living room? This is what it looked like before the declutter:


This is what it looked like after:

Notice the photo albums on the second shelf from the bottom. The drone that was there is now on the first bookcase. The Chronicles Of Narnia set that used to be on the other bookcase with B’s picture books is on the shelf above with the Bibles and “Calvin and Hobbes” books.

Since taking this picture, I’m now down to one box of sweet potatoes (bottom shelf). The “priority mail” box was full of very small tubers, most of which, after having sat for a month, weren’t any good to eat. Once I rearrange furniture, I am going to put the remaining box, the plain brown one, under our bed.

I’ll have the before and after photos for the small bookcases in a future post, coming soon! And I can’t wait to show you the dramatic transformation of our bedroom!

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