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The First Step In Healthy Living

When asking the question, “How to be healthy?”, the usual first response you get has to do with diet and exercise. I totally believe that eating the right kinds of foods and getting enough exercise are vital parts of improving your health.

But the beginning of great health isn’t diet or exercise. It’s happiness. How do you find happiness? Two ways: find your purpose, and reduce your stress levels.

How to discover your purpose

Discovering your purpose isn’t rocket science. It’s simply a matter of knowing yourself. What are your gifts and talents? Your interests? What kind of skills do you pick up on with relative ease? Put these together with some ideas on how you want to help make the world a better place, and you can formulate your purpose – and that, believe it or not, will help you begin to answer the “how to be healthy?” question.

Oh, it may not be the exact right calling God has destined you to, but once you know the answers to the above questions and start taking action toward living a fulfilled life, you will eventually get where you need to get.

Reducing stress, in my opinion, is the more difficult matter.


Stress is mostly internal.

Stress is difficult to conquer because it is mostly about your perception of the world. I misunderstand my husband’s lack of show of affection, and I feel hurt and rejected, and I get stressed. Your boss snaps at you because his superiors have just gotten on his case about something, but you don’t know that. You think he’s upset with you, and therefore you are next in line for layoffs, so you get stressed.

Experts will tell you that there are external causes of stress, but are there, really? All the cars on the freeway during rush hour are neutral objects. The route you take to and from work every day is a neutral object. The inevitable slowdowns you experience are not negative events in and of themselves.

The stress you feel during your commute to and from work is not caused by anything external. It’s all about your reaction to what you see, your perception.

The only true external source of stress on a body comes when it receives an injury. If a husband is beating up his wife, her body gets stressed. But much more of her stress comes from the fact that she feels trapped. She isn’t, really. There is always a way out of an abusive relationship. But that’s how she feels, what she believes.

I broke my arm a while back, so badly that a cast wouldn’t do. I had to have a very expensive surgery (that’s redundant, isn’t it? Whoever heard of a cheap surgery?) In the case of a body receiving any kind of injury, it experiences some level of stress. But the wife’s perception of her situation; my perception of how the pain, recovery, and loss of money to the medical world are going to impact my life – those perceptions exacerbate the natural stress responses of the body to the extent that we go into adrenal overload. We walk around oppressed by fear.

We are therefore not only unable to be happy, but also cause an unhealthy environment for our cells. When stress becomes chronic – which it has for most of us – it eventually leads to earlier aging than is supposed to happen.

To sum: the first step in being healthy is…

To have optimum health, you need to be happy. To be happy, you need to feel fulfilled – which happens when you have some sense of your purpose and are going after it – and you need to reduce, even get rid of, stress. Reading my FREE report, “Take Back Your Life!”, will help you move in the right direction. Download your copy now, over there in the right sidebar ==>.

To your success!


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