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The Four Top Obstacles To Goal Achievement

Learning how to achieve your goals has become a huge topic in the past decade or so. Yet, if you look around, the vast majority of people in the Western world, although they hit small goals once in a while, remain far from where they need to be in order to begin living their ideal life.

The reason is that most people fall into at least one of four traps when it comes to making forward progress. Following are four major impediments to goal achievement.

**1. Be afraid.


You might fail and look like an idiot. You might succeed so much that you can’t handle it. You might get healthier and suddenly be expected to take on more responsibilities. The economy might collapse. Your parents might get mad at you.

Fear is one of the biggest reasons people never fulfill their dreams.

**2. Be in debt.

Spend more than you make. Buy a house and cars you can’t afford so you’re forced to stay in a job you hate. Never budget. Make excuses for buying things you don’t need. Never say no to your kids.

If you are constantly in debt, you will never be able to save up a nest egg that will give you the financial security you need to pursue your dream life.

The first step in getting out of that trap is revealed in my free report, “The Money Monster.”

**3. Be a jerk.

What goes around comes around, so if you don’t want to achieve your goals, make sure you’re not a nice person. Call everyone who holds different beliefs and values than you “brainwashed.” Never give to charity. Cut people off in traffic, and if someone does that to you, be sure to show them your IQ with your middle finger.

Be disrespectful to authority figures, and take your partner’s love and care for you for granted.

If you reap bad seeds into other people’s lives, they will come back to bite you, and most likely keep you from reaching your most important goals.

**4. Be disorganized.

Pay your bills late. Waste time every morning looking for your keys, and every evening walking around the grocery store wondering what to have for dinner. Show up late, especially for important appointments. Forget that you told your friend you were going to call her tomorrow. And never, ever have a file drawer for vital information like bank account statements and insurance receipts.

You could probably think of more ways to sabotage achievement of your personal goals, but these four are the biggest ones each one of us needs to overcome if we are to live the life of our dreams.

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