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The Growth Above My Right Eye

In a recent post, I said that I’d decided to have the growth above my right eye removed.

I changed my mind. Why?

#1. It’s been there for probably twenty-five years, and been at its current size for the last fifteen. Obviously, I can live with it.

#2. My soulmate fell in love with me despite the growth. What do I care what other people think?

#3. The last time I had local anesthetic injected into my body, my bladder didn’t work right for three days. I constantly, and I mean constantly, felt like I had to pee.

#4. I hate spending money.

#5. If I ever make another YouTube video, I’m just not going to care what people think about my looks. As of right now, my inclination is to bow out of the YouTube money-making culture. It has warped my mind almost as much as MLM did.

#6. To have it removed would to be untrue to myself. I avoid doctors except in emergencies, and I don’t worry about what I look like.

Unless I have a YouTube channel.

So there you go. The real reason I considered the removal of the growth.

See you later (but probably not on YouTube).

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