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The Interior Walls Are Going Up!

So, how’s it going with finishing out our earth-sheltered house? According to Murphy’s Law, everything takes longer than you think. This is especially so if you’re like me and are clueless about all things construction.

Nevertheless, our move-in day should be happening within ten days of this post being published, all things remaining equal. Painting the ceiling (which I did myself) and tiling the floor (mostly Jerry’s doing, but I helped quite a bit, especially with the grouting) were the biggest bears as far as I’m concerned. I wanted to throw a party when we got done with tile!

Now, we’re on the interior walls. Or, I must fairly say, Jerry is. My only contribution to the project is sweeping up the sawdust every night (for convenience’s sake, he’s doing all the cutting and sanding inside). The job could have been a faster and easier one if I had been happy with drywall or cheap wall paneling, but I wanted a rustic cabin look inside – and no fake wood! So we ordered a bunch of pine boards (about 150), 1/2 inch thick by six inches by eight feet, from the local sawmill. They only cut the wood, so J has to sand and square and remove imperfections as he goes, making the process even slower. But the lumber was half the cost (at least) that finished wood would have been from a lumber supply place.

I thought you’d like to see some pics of the process, so here you go.


This lumber I spread out on the floor because I was out of places to stand up against the wall. We were trying to dry it out so stacking it all together wasn’t an option.

As you can see, B has felt free to turn it into a parking lot for some of his vehicle toys.


There’s the workbench, set up about in the middle of what will be the Great Room. That big post in the foreground he is using as a straight edge. (D, see the clamps your DH was drooling over when we were still in Plano?)

Following is a photo of the (thank God!) dwindling stack of lumber against what will soon be the living room wall.


I have been growing two peppers in pots this summer on purpose so that I could continue them inside during the winter. Since nighttime temps are threatening to dip near freezing now, I had J bring them into our new place. Here is the bigger pepper:


We’ve harvested several peppers from it already.

Then there’s the tomato volunteer I found in the garden a couple of months ago. It has one small tomato and a couple of blossoms. I wanted to also have a tomato indoors this winter; this baby made it easy.

I have no idea what variety it is; I’ll have an idea once the tomato matures.


This is a view through the wall frame into B’s bedroom. The boxes I have been saving for packing (there are more in our tiny house), with yet more boards behind the stack.


Here is part of the Great Room wall in progress, about half-finished:


I got J to finish the two bathroom walls adjoining the bedrooms so I could move the metal shelves into it. The taller one, as you can see, is for storage. The smaller one against the back wall will be used for starting plants. The wall you see is nearly half finished.



“Everybody” says that you have to seal wood with something. Wanting to use as few toxins as possible, I did not want to paint the walls or use varnish. So we went with boiled linseed oil. However, when I coated the pine in the bathroom with it, this is what resulted:


Note how much darker it is than the plain pine. And J pointed out that the oil enhances the blemishes on the wood. (If you use the oil on lumber-store lumber, this does not happen. The color barely changes.) So the bathroom will be the only place where the wood is sealed. And that makes sense, since the bathroom is the only place where there will be any regular danger of the wood getting wet.

Also notice in the photo how the wood just below the circuit breaker box sticks out. That’s because J wrapped the pipes with the wiring going into the box with wire mesh, and the wire stuck out a bit from the wall frame. So he solved the problem by hammering boards on either side of the section under the box, then using those boards as anchors for the small boards that went over the wire mesh.


Last but not least, the mess in our bedroom. (Again, the outside of the wall is about half-finished.)


After the walls, it will take a day or two to build and put in the doors. Next, J is going to take a couple of days to build a high platform bed for us, and a semi-loft bed for B. And finally,

move-in day! 🙂

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