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The Joy Of Candida; Or, Down With White Rice!

From my personal journal a couple of days ago (WARNING: TMI):

I have stunk today. And I mean Stunk, with a capital S. My flatulence didn’t smell all that pretty yesterday, either, but today – whew!

At first I just thought it was hormones. I have entered that lovely stage of life where my reproductive cycles are shortening, and so I never know exactly when I’m ovulating and when the P.M.S. time is starting anymore.

But when one release was so strong that I wanted to run away from myself to China, and even Jerry (whose sense of smell was apparently half-obliterated as a youth thanks to allergies) reeled back with an interesting expression on his face, I began to suspect something else.

So I muscle-tested: “The stinky farts are from Candida overgrowth.”

The answer: “Yes.”

Why now? Have I been eating differently lately? The answer came to my mind in an instant: about a week ago, I replaced a fourth cup soaked almonds with an extra 1/2 cup white rice for lunch, bringing the white rice total up to 1.5 cups.

I muscle-tested if this lousy extra 1/2 cup of rice is what sent my system off balance. Answer: yes.

Really? Which led me to conclude that another suspicion I had about the white rice was correct: it has been causing me the goopy, low-energy feeling I have after lunch. When I eat, say, bananas and nuts or seeds for lunch, I don’t have that problem.

So I muscle-tested: would the Candida not overgrow if I had fruit for lunch instead of white rice? Answer: yes. That is, yes, it would not overgrow.

If you’re aware of the sugar content of bananas and are confused, join the club. But apparently my body does not do well with any kind of grain, even the supposedly only non-toxic grain.

Apparently, unprocessed carbs are better for me than processed ones. And by “processed,” I mean anything that has to be at least cooked in order to be able to be digested. The crazy thing is, I already knew that. In fact, my lunch used to consist of a banana and some sunflower seeds. So why did I switch to rice?

The money, honey. Rice is way cheaper than anything else you could eat. The question is, how cheap is it really, when it’s causing health problems (however slight) in my body?

So I have been reminded of the fact that my body intensely dislikes grains. No exceptions.

And I do better with more fat and protein. Stick that in your pipes and smoke it, John McDougall and Douglas Graham! Although, if anyone found out they smoked, their high-carb message would be left in the dust of the angry followers running after them.

Okay, enough of diet-guru slamming and metaphors. The problem I face now is this: even fair-trade bananas are not a very ethical fruit choice, and most others are much more expensive (there are dates, but they are too sweet and induce hypoglycemia in me if I’m not careful). I can look forward to eating sweet potatoes from January to April or so, but what now? And after the sweet potatoes are gone/gone bad next spring?

Might as well go eat worms. Except, they’re not vegan.

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