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The Secret To An Extraordinary Life

Are you feeling rather ordinary? Wishing life would be a little more exciting (in a good way, of course!)? If you’re like most people, you live each day on semi-autopilot, going places you don’t really want to go to do things you don’t really want to do, all in the name of keeping a roof over your head and food on the table.

And you want to change things, but don’t have any idea where to begin.

Hold on to your hat, because I’m about to give you an idea. I’m going to give you the Secret To Living An Extraordinary Life.

I’ll give you three guesses.

Nope, it’s not money. Money is a great tool, but not always necessary for extraordinary living.

Next guess? No, not fame either. (Besides, who wants those slimy tabloid reporters following them around all the time?)

One more guess. Beauty? Hmmm. It’s helpful; I know from personal experience ;), but no, that’s not the Secret to An Extraordinary Life.

Give up? Okay, here it is:

The Secret To An Extraordinary Life

Overcoming negativity.

Yes, really, that’s it. Sounds almost small, doesn’t it? But negative thoughts are what keep us from achieving our goals and living our dreams.

Science backs me up on this

Researchers have discovered that our brains are wired to help us survive, not thrive. Way back when, if our ancestors stepped into an unfamiliar dark woods or ate a new plant, the consequence could have been death. Staying in their comfort zone helped our species to survive.

But the world has apparently changed faster than the human brain could keep up. Now, to stay in your comfort zone means to stick with the status quo, which means to live a dull, dreary life. But those negative thoughts that are there to purposely cause us to feel fear, persist. And if you simply let those thoughts continue, you will feel afraid every time you think about doing something outside of your comfort zone, something that will advance you toward your goals:

  • Talking to someone you don’t know
  • Speaking in front of an audience
  • Submitting a manuscript for publication
  • Diving into the deep end of a pool

And if you never do anything outside of your comfort zone, you will never achieve greatness.

How to combat negative thinking


You can skyrocket toward new levels of success if you do two things. First, stop hanging around negative people. (If YOU are a negative person, invest in a bunch of personal development books and pray fervently to change.)

Second, be aware of your negative thoughts, and don’t let them hang around. The INSTANT any kind of fear-mongering thought enters your head – whether it be “I can’t” or “They’ll hate me forever if I do that”, force it out by replacing it with a positive mantra:

  • I can.
  • I’ll do it.
  • I am up for this.
  • I was made for this.
  • I am the person for this task.

When you start to do that, you will push your limits and what used to be scary will become your new comfort level.

Think about this: the only thing keeping you from having everything you want is that negative voice in your head. Are you going to continue to let it run – and ruin – your life?

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To your success!


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