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The Shed Makeovers Begin!

Having finished with my latest house declutter, and almost finished the redecorating (only the table-topper and new – desperately needed, I might add – dish towels remain) the house, I am turning my attention toward two other spaces on our property that need a lot of help: the storage (AKA tool) shed and the Tuff Shed.

The wannabe tiny house

I want to turn the downstairs of the Tuff Shed back into a tiny house.

Whoa, what do I mean, back into a tiny house? Did you not know that we lived in the Tuff Shed for almost two years before our earth-sheltered house was ready? J extended the loft, then we insulated the shed and gave it a decorative floor. When it was ready, we stuffed B and his things in the loft and as much of our other household items into the “first floor” as we could.

Long story short: after we moved in to the house, the Tuff Shed got junky. I recently made it a lot less junky, but I decided that’s not good enough. While it will probably have to house some boxes, I want to make it look much more like a tiny house than a storage building.

Which means I need to do a serious declutter and reorganization of the storage shed to make room for the things I want to get out of the Tuff Shed.

The first step was to get rid of the six windows and storm door that we were going to use for a porch which we decided we didn’t want to bother building. With J’s permission, I posted an ad to craigslist a couple of months ago to the Tulsa site.

Finally – finally! – someone purchased them and picked them up on Friday (January 5)! Woo-hoo! That’s given me space to temporarily move some storage shed objects into the Tuff Shed, allowing me to more easily move things around in the storage shed.

And now as I near the end of this post, I’ve decided I’m going to vlog each step in the shed declutter/reorganizing process. The video below is the first vlog, so watch and enjoy!

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