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The Truth About Your Health Condition Your Doctor Won’t Tell You (and probably doesn’t even know)

Are you suffering from a terminal disease? Autoimmune disease? Do you have some other chronic health condition that makes life difficult? What about a mental illness?

If you believe everything you hear from mainstream media and most physicians (including psychiatrists), you think that your problem is genetic. Or an inevitable result of aging. Or just an unlucky stroke of fate.

And you also believe that medication is the only way to solve your problem.

I don’t mean to offend, but you (and your doctor) are wrong.

The truth

Your health problem is not a result of a deficiency in medication.

You heard me. Medicine is a bandage that attempts to cover up symptoms. It never resolves the root of the problem. Because…

Your health problem is not a result of a deficiency in medication.

Except in rare cases and cases of congenital deformities, there’s a ninety percent chance your health problem has come from a combination of a deficiency in proper diet and nutrition, and stress.

Your problem is only ten to fifteen percent genetic. The rest of it? Lifestyle. And a huge part of that is diet and nutrition.

Yes, even if you’re over the age of sixty. Granted, once you hit forty fewer and fewer of your cells reproduce correctly, and over time that leads to more aches and pains, wrinkled and sagging skin, and thinning hair. But the process shouldn’t necessarily lead to obvious health problems. No, not even dementia.

And even those inevitable signs of aging can be slowed if you’re eating right and getting enough nutrition.

“But aren’t doctors supposed to be SMART??”

Intelligence isn’t the issue. Training is.

While all the science and knowledge of the human body required in the making of a physician give doctors a leg up on most people when it comes to the inner workings of the body, they receive very little education about nutrition during their eight years in medical school.

They receive, as far as I can tell, no education about how critical proper diet and nutrition are to prevent disease, and help the body to heal disease.

Instead, they are taught about how man-made medications can alleviate symptoms. And that if medications don’t work, the last resort is surgery.

Are you ready to take control?

I can’t guarantee that if you start eating more fruits and vegetables, ditch processed sweets and flour-based products, reduce your meat consumption, start ensuring that you’re getting at least 200% of all the recommended daily values of vitamins and minerals, and lower your stress levels, that your health condition will improve.

And, whatever actions you take as a result of reading this post, the consequences are yours and yours alone to bear. I’m just trying to encourage a paradigm shift, not dole out medical advice or promise any cures.

However, chances are high that if you decide to take massive and radical action to change your lifestyle, it will have at least some positive impact on your health.

Because your condition of ill health, whether it be physical or mental, is not a result of a medication deficiency.

If you want a doctor who understands this, and wants to help you get to the root of the problem, find one who is certified in Functional Medicine.

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