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These Essential Oils Are Helping Me Through Menopause

TMI coming up, men: I officially hit menopause this July, of 2021. I’d hoped it would mean the end of all the perimenopause symptoms: the mild fibromyalgia-like aches and shortness of breath, no more pain in my privates, hot flashes gone, digestion back to normal (my normal, anyway, which is not most other people’s normal!), and so on.

Didn’t happen. Which wasn’t a shock, because I’d read about women into their sixties experiencing hot flashes and other icky symptoms. But I’d hoped it would be different for me,, because I eat healthy and supplement magnesium like it’s going out of style!

In a recent post, I described my brief, ecstatic experience with He Shou Wu. When I couldn’t find a suitable replacement for the brand that had quit carrying it, I decided I needed to find another option.

Just so happens, I already knew about another option. For hormonal balance, anyway. Not to turn my gray hair back to brunette.

What I’m doing to increase my reproductive hormones.

This past summer, I’d been sniffing and inhaling thyme essential oil to alleviate the inflammation at the back of my throat due to allergies. After about three weeks of that, I realized that I was having fewer and less frequent hot flashes. A quick online search confirmed my hunch: thyme essential oil encourages estrogen production. Yay!

Making that discovery, I looked up which essential oils helped with progesterone production.

Clary sage.

And I’d already started using lavender essential oil as it’s supposed to increase the production of superoxide dismutase, or S.O.D.

Oh, what is S.O.D., you ask? An enzyme that breaks down superoxide, which can damage cells if allowed to run wild in the body.  The body’s production of S.O.D. decreases as a person ages. It’s also necessary for catalase, the enzyme that breaks down hydrogen peroxide in the body.

One reason that hair turns white is that as you get older, your body doesn’t produce as much catalase. The excess hydrogen peroxide gets into the hair follicles, turning it white.

Like thyme oil, geranium oil is known to increase estrogen in women. It’s also a much more pleasant scent to have on your hand!

I’m using all those oils topically. I’m not 100%, but I’m doing a lot better.

However, I haven’t told you the whole story…

The secret ingredient?

I decided to try maca root powder around the time I made my discovery about the thyme oil. After I began adding it to my smoothies, my hot flashes diminished even further. It’s not supposed to increase any one hormone, just balance them out.

So, there you have it: my all-natural hormone replacement therapy.

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