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Three Decisions

My mind has been a busy beaver the past couple of days. During the last thirty-six hours or so, I have made three Momentous Decisions.

Decision #1: I am going to tear out the Beit Alpha.

I planted two cucumber plants this year, one True Lemon and the other Beit Alpha. About six weeks ago, aphids found the True Lemon. A couple weeks after that, although it still was growing healthy-looking vines replete with flowers and baby cucumbers, most of the flowers and tiny fruits were falling off. I harvested one of the few cucumbers that looked to be in the “just right” stage, and it was bitter.

I pulled it out by the roots.

In the meantime, I had seriously pruned back the Beit Alpha after the squash bugs attacked it (when I let the zucchini die, I thought they would go away, but NO-O-O, they mosied on over to my cucumber) and made it sick. It came back well for a while, continuing to produce crisp, juicy, unbitter fruits.

But after I killed the True Lemon, the aphids had to go somewhere, right?

The Beit Alpha is on its last legs. We ate the last fruit from it yesterday. Later today, it is going bye-bye.

I have to add this: I am not sad about it. I have never had cucumber plants produce good fruit so late into the season! (because I didn’t water them well enough)

Decision #2: No more sesame seeds!

I’m not putting sesame seeds in a smoothie. Ever. Again.

Why was I doing it in the first place? Calcium.

Even though I’ve only been putting two tablespoons in a large smoothie that lasts me all morning, that amount of sesame seeds is enough to taint the flavor.

The older I get, the more I care about how my food tastes. Gone are the days when I would try soups made out of carrot greens and other odd ingredients for the sake of being healthy.

I was originally going to just not buy or eat sesame seeds at all anymore. But the other day, I made sesame seed paste (which is like tahini, but made with unhulled sesame seeds). This morning, when I felt my blood sugar dropping I ate a spoonful of the paste instead of the usual handful of almonds. I’ve been getting tired of almonds because I’ve been eating them three to four times a day sometimes, and when I ate the sesame seed paste I was pleased to find that its bitter taste was not repulsive all by itself.

So I will still get the same amount of sesame seeds every day to give me that extra calcium boost. I just won’t be putting it into my smoothies.

Decision #3: B is no longer going to be allowed to be disrespectful or disobedient.

I did it. Yes, I did. Even though I spent thirteen years in the classroom and knew better, even though I once heard Dr. Kevin Lehman tell me How To Have A New Kid By Friday (although this was before I was even married), I have been letting B get away with disobedience and disrespect.

Oh, sure, we’ve gotten on his case and lectured him. But he’s never had to experience any painful consequences as a result.

That’s over. As of today. Today, he spent almost an hour doing copy work (which is really, really hard for him). It would have been only five minutes, but I added another five minutes every time he made a face at me or talked back. Not obeying the first time will cause him to lose his afternoon DVD watching time. No chance of earning it back (which we have been giving him – doesn’t work that way, folks). Further disobedience the same day will lead to further unsavory consequences.

I have a feeling he’s going to spend at least the next two days not watching a DVD in the afternoon.

I’ll keep you updated.

Okay, so maybe only this last bit was really a decision you could define as “momentous.” But the other bits made for a more interesting post, don’t you think? 😉

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