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Three Random Book Recommendations

I’ve read some really cool books lately, and I wanted to share them with you.

Book #1

The first has an interesting title: Sooooo…Basically, I’m Right by Emilee Gamache (gotta love her first name!). Three groups of people will appreciate this book. The first is anyone who appreciates clean humor. Emilee is one funny lady! And the crazy thing is, she is talking about a chronic illness she is fighting.

The second group is anyone who does not suffer from a chronic disease, yet whines about their coffee not tasting exactly right in the morning or about missing a light on the way home from work. Y’all need to read this book and get some perspective. Get grateful.

The third group is anyone else (like the author) who suffers from Lyme Disease and wants/needs to feel like someone else out there understands. And get inspired that yes, one day, it can get better.

Book #2

Another memoir, but not at all humorous. However, I believe it’s one that everyone should read. The title is No You Don’t: Essays From An Unstrange Mind. The author is Sparrow Rose Jones, a woman who happens to be just my age and did not receive her autism diagnosis until she was well into adulthood.

Sparrow is a talented writer, and the book will teach you what it’s really like to be autistic. Rainman doesn’t cut it, people. A lot more goes on in the mind of an autistic person than the ability to count a boxful of spilled toothpicks.

Why did it pique my interest? Within the last year I realized that two of my siblings have Asperger’s (high-level autism; my mother concurs with me on this, and my remaining sibling on one of them), and I know that ADHD, which B has, shares the same root in the brain as autism. So I want to understand my family!

Book #3

I hardly ever read health/nutrition books anymore. But when I saw Aarti Patel’s book The Art Of Health available for free during a promo she was doing for the book, I felt an inner nudge to put it on my Kindle.

For some reason, it sat there, unread, for about a month. Long story short, I started reading it the other day, and it blew my mind! Not that the concepts Aarti (a naturopathic doctor) discusses are totally foreign to me, but the book was completely void of the usual “if you want to be healthy, eat/exercise/etc. this way” that I have found in every single other book about health and nutrition.

It made me think about my health in a completely new way. And gave me hope that I just may be able to reclaim the happiness I experienced for a fleeting two months, as well as see my perimenopause symptoms hit the dust!

It was, in other words, the exact kick in the pants I needed at this point in my life. It might be that for you, too.

And did I mention that the book is very well-written, with a clear and upbeat style?


There you go. Three great reads, IMO. They are all available at least in the Kindle store, if not in other online book stores. If you decide to buy one and read it in the next couple of weeks, go ahead and leave a comment letting me (and others) know what you thought about it.


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