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Time To Practice What I’ve Been Preaching

I’ve wanted to do two things with my life since I was a teenager: encourage people to “be all they can be” (i.e., live fulfilling lives), and write stories. I thought becoming an elementary teacher would be a good way to bring the first part of my life vision into fruition.

It’s wasn’t. Isn’t.

But that’s a post for another day, and beside the point. The point here is twofold. First, this is the third blog I’ve started with an end to teach people the principles of living their dreams and living an abundant life.

The. Third. Blog.


And not too long ago, I wrote a post (which I’ve since deleted) stating that I was going to abandon this blog and just write humor over at my other, newer blog.


Second, I’ve wanted to give up on writing novels five times in as many years. I have actually announced on blog posts that I was not longer going to write novels, but stick to short stories instead.


In other words, I’ve broken a cardinal rule of both how to live your dreams and how to live an abundant life:


Why did I break that rule? Part discouragement, part seeing greener grass in other pastures.

The novel thing

I recently spent a good deal of time in prayer, asking and listening about God’s call on my life. Because no matter how many times I’ve become frustrated with writing novels, the story ideas keep on coming. And the inner tug to keep writing novels perseveres – in fact, feels pretty strong at times.

Well, guess what? God has actually called me to be a novelist. He wants me to use stories to encourage people to seek healing in their broken places so that they can move forward on their journeys.

But. BUT. He hasn’t told me to try to be a bestselling author. He hasn’t told I need to follow the at-least-three-books-per-year rule of Indie-published fiction authors. He hasn’t laid down any rules for me, other than I’m supposed to write novels.

After some thought, I’ve realized that if I stick to writing just two medium-sized novels per year, I won’t get burned out on writing novels and be tempted to quit again.

There ya go!

The blog thing

During this time of seeking God, He revealed that blogging is not part of His call on my life.

However…I’m also not going against His will if I do blog, as long as my novel-writing takes priority. And I can’t shake the desire to teach people what I’ve learned about living an abundant life. In addition, now that I’ve realized that God never called J and I to the homesteading lifestyle, I suddenly have more free time on my hands than I ever have before.

And my brain can only cough out so much fiction every day, to the tune of about 1500 words. I generally get done with my fiction writing quota by lunch, leaving me the rest of the day to do whatever I want (instead of being envious, read my book Hatching The Nest Egg and start taking the steps you need in order to live a life o greater freedom).

Thus, I choose blogging.

On this blog.

What about my humor?

I enjoy writing humor, and I may one day write a humorous novel series. But I don’t feel like writing humor every day, and I’m naturally a serious person. That said, besides occasionally writing humor I also love getting in front of an audience and hamming it up. Singing. Or just talking.

And I’m not going to write a post for this blog every single day. That leaves me time to write scripts and silly songs for my new YouTube channel. (I’m not linking to it right now because there’s no content there yet.)

Time to practice what I preach

In the past – as well as in books I’ve written – I’ve taught about the importance of persistence and focus when it comes to being able to live your dreams. This morning, I was thinking about the mental tug-of-war I’ve been having between this blog and my other blog, which I may someday turn into a simple author website.

And that’s when it hit me: my life mission includes helping people learn to live an abundant life, and my calling is to write uplifting novels. I need to stop going after shiny objects (or greener grass or whatever) and stick to what God has placed on my heart.

Because if I don’t, I won’t feel fulfilled, thus my life won’t feel very abundant.

Allow me to wax immature for a moment:

DUH! 😉

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