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Toward A More Abundant Life

It’s been a while since I posted. And the last time I did, I had decided I would stick to posting humorous life stories. Why? As a creative and expressive outlet.

But a lot has changed since I last published a post. A lot of internal change inside me, I mean. It’s changed the direction of my YouTube channel. It’s changing our family life – in good ways. It’s made me change my mind about this blog.

I’m going back to its original purpose, with a tweak. As you can see by my new header image at the top of the page, my focus is going to be helping people live an abundant life.

How is that different from a life of “freedom” and “success” I promoted with the previous header? Why didn’t I just go back to that?

Let me answer the second question first. I didn’t go back to my “freedom and success” header because the one word is deceptive, the other highly subjective. I’ll talk more about the deception of the word freedom in the next post, but for now let’s leave it at this: nobody ever has a life of complete freedom. And it would be a bad thing if they did!

Which leads us to the answer to the first question, what’s the difference? An abundant life – a life of prosperity in every area of life – is not a life of freedom. Not the way most people think of the word, anyway. And a description of an abundant life is so much more concrete than that of success, to the extent that many people living an abundant life wouldn’t be considered successful in other people’s eyes, and many people considered to be successful are not living abundant lives.

So, what does an abundant life look like, anyway?

If you want to live an abundant life, you intentionally work toward these eight things:

  1. An intimate relationship with your Creator. Ignore His existence, and ignore the greatest source of wisdom for helping you on your path. I’m not talking about joining the religion of Christianity. I’m talking about asking for and accepting the love that our heavenly Father is yearning to give you. And then building a relationship with Him by daily communing with Him. Just the joy and peace that come from this relationship make you feel as though you are living in abundance.
  2. Having a sense of purpose.
  3. Having no debt, and more than enough money coming into your life to pay the bills.
  4. Being truly healthy. Health is not the absence of disease. I’ve talked about it at length in my blog and video series, “How To Prevent Anything.” The first post is here.
  5. Engaging in work that is fulfilling because you use your God-given talents in creative ways most of the day.
  6. Having time to play.
  7. Having close relationships with other people.
  8. Giving with a generous heart.

My own renewed sense of purpose

If you don’t feel that you are living an abundant life right now, you are missing one or more of the above elements. Thus, the change in my blog. I want to help. I want to coach whoever is willing to receive my coaching to make the necessary changes to live an abundant life.

If that’s what they want.

The first step? Click the image for the book, Take Back Your Life, on this page. Download it, and read it. It’s free. And it will get you started in the right direction.

Abundance to you,


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