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Two More Decisions

In this post, I told you about three decisions I made recently. For your reading pleasure, here are two more. (And they might be a bit more momentous than most of them from the other post.

#1. I’m finally going to get the growth that’s above the right corner of my right eye removed.

Assuming the procedure won’t cost very much.

I’ve tried to be patient with it. Tried not to be vain. Tried to think about the perfect, glorified body I will be receiving one day, probably in fewer than seventy years from now (but who knows?). But now my mid-40’s skin is sagging, making the growth look much more prominent than it used to.

Oh, did I tell you I’ve had the thing since my early twenties? And that I’ve had it at its current size since about age thirty?

Why didn’t I have this done when J was working and there was a dermatologist on every corner (the one I’m going to – the only one in this area of the globe, apparently – is 45 minutes away)? Because B was totally huper and I was afraid he would be a problem and I didn’t dare ask anyone to babysit because I didn’t know how B would handle it.

#2. From now on, we are going to run the air conditioner all night long during the summer.

I’ve actually slept well the past couple of nights and therefore had energy during the day. Why? Because it’s cooling off outside and therefore we can cool off the house just by opening windows and running the oscillating fan. The temperature has gotten as low as 72 degrees.

Compare that to the 77 degrees we have been trying to sleep in up until now.

Why have I made us suffer so? Well, in Plano we had a large house and a large summer energy bill. And anyway, the central A/C would make me feel absolutely frigid many nights, so it wasn’t like we were constantly hot when we lived there.

The Tuff Shed was a different ballgame. We had to use a super-inefficient portable A/C unit because we couldn’t use a window unit because the windows side-open. And we ran the unit at least half the night during the summer, and we were still hot. And the electricity bill was totally disproportionate to the size of the shed (over $100 one month last summer), compared to our former home in the suburbs.

Turns out, this summer our largest bill was $59.

Yes, you read that right. Fifty-nine. As in, forty-one dollars under $100.

So I decided that we might as well run the wonderful, low-amp window A/C unit we now have all night long during the summer and get a good night’s sleep and therefore feel happier and healthier during the day. I decided that would be well worth an extra $10-$20 a month, don’t you think?

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