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Two Powerful (And Science-Backed) Ways To Prevent Cancer

What are some ways to prevent cancer? What I am about to say in the upcoming video, and what I am going to write beneath the video, is nothing that I haven’t said before. But since so many people continue to develop cancer to the extent they have to seek treatment (did you know in many cases your body eliminates cancer all by itself before you even realize it’s there?), I need to say it again.

Besides, I’m going through my YouTube videos in order and posting and writing about the ones I think provide information to help you live a life of greater freedom. And this is the next video, so there! 😉

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Way #1 to prevent cancer

When you’re asking the how to prevent cancer question, you come up with a myriad of answers. Eat more broccoli. Eat two apples a day instead of one. Drink this exotic antioxidant juice. Drink green smoothies. Take garlic capsules.

But like with any other health care issue, there is no one magic silver bullet. If you eat three cups of broccoli a day, but eat Pop Tarts for breakfast, chips and cookies for snacks, McDonald’s for lunch, and a microwaved frozen dinner for supper, the good things in the broccoli probably won’t even neutralize the bad things in the rest of your diet, let alone actually provide health benefits.

You need to think on a larger scale when you’re wondering how to prevent cancer. You don’t take a multi-vitamin “just in case.” You change your diet. You transition into a whole foods diet.

No, that doesn’t mean you have to do all your grocery shopping at Whole Foods Market from now on – although eating organic will reduce your cancer risk even further because you won’t be putting pesticides into your body. It means that 95% of the time, the food you are putting into your mouth should be real food, as close to its natural state as possible. Apples, not applesauce. Raw, lightly steamed, or stir-fried vegetables, not boiled, broiled, or deep-fried. If you’re going to eat meat, eat it as a condiment or side dish, not like it’s the main attraction – and only once a day.

Grains are not a natural food for humans at all, so unless you’re eating white rice, which is non-toxic, eat them in small portions as well. Eat bread made from sprouted grains, if you must eat bread, because flour is as processed a food as you can get.

Think I’m mean? Harsh? That you could never do that? Well, I hope you keep your health insurance current. Eating a whole foods diet – including a lot of vegetables and fruit – is the way human beings ate for thousands of years. Processed foods have only been around for a couple of hundred years – and during the past three decades, it has become even unhealthier due to the new synthetic toxic-chemical ingredients being invented every year and added to processed food.

If you’re serious about preventing cancer, cut the crap out of your diet. The fake foods. Eat the real stuff, and focus on nutrient-dense.

Way #2 to prevent cancer

I alluded to the synthetic chemicals that are put in food. Don’t talk to me about “Generally Regarded As Safe.” Do you know how many chemicals used to have that label, but have since been discovered to cause health problems?

They’re not just in food, as you well know. I can’t walk down the aisle of household cleaners in a conventional grocery store without rushing through, holding my breath. To go anywhere in any kind of dollar store makes me feel like I’m talking a bath in chemicals. No matter what warm fuzzies your city tries to tell you about its tap water, it’s full of cancer-causing chemicals, in concentrations large enough to create health problems.

You can get your house plenty clean with baking soda, vinegar, liquid castile soap, and orange oil. Do your laundry with washing soda only. Get a filter for your showerhead and for the kitchen sink. Drink water filtered by a Berkey (use the guys at directive21 – they have great customer service). Don’t sleep in a freshly-painted house for at least a week – and only after it’s been sitting that long with all the windows open. Avoid cheap furniture made of pressboard.

I could go on, but you get my drift. There are a lot of ways that you can lower your exposure to all the nasty, toxic chemicals out there. And research has connected many of those chemicals to cancer. Undoubtedly, they will connect many more to that ugly disease.

How to prevent cancer? Eat a whole foods diet, and reduce your toxin exposure as much as you can.

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