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Veganism Is Of The Devil! Really?

I recently watched a video by a lady, Sarah, whose channel I recently discovered and subscribed to because I got really good vibes from her. The video was about the benefits of veganism, and though I don’t need to watch such a video, I watched it mostly to support her.

Scanning down into the comment section, I found this:

Poor baby, you’ve been brainwashed and indoctrinated. I’d be willing to bet you are pro abortion. Every vegan I’ve ever met wouldn’t bat an eye at killing the unborn, but they worship animals. BTW, vegans do NOT live longer. Sorry but that’s pure garbage. They are NOT healthy. They look weak and pale. Veganism is of the devil. The Bible prophesies that in the last days people would abstain from eating meat. You are the proof sweetheart. You need to read the Bible and get right with your Creator and read the Bible for the TRUTH on this subject.

A big part of me wanted to reply to her. But I didn’t. First of all, another believing vegan (“another” meaning someone besides me) said part of what I wanted to say to her, addressing the abortion issue. Second, that woman doesn’t exactly seem teachable. I try not to waste my energy on close-minded people. Third, I do my best to keep my comments positive, and there was no way I could do it with this person.

All that said, here is what I would have said, had I replied:

Let me start with your accusations. Sure, a lot of vegans are pro-abortion. That’s very unfortunate and hypocritical of them. Many might not be if they were told the truth, that unborn babies begin to feel pain as early as twelve weeks, but a whole bunch of people online have spread the lie that the age is much later.

On the other hand, a heckuva lot of non-vegans are pro-abortion as well.

And yes, some vegans look unhealthy. But proportionately, not nearly as many non-vegans who consume the Standard American Diet. Unhealthy eating happens within any and every kind of eating lifestyle. People are either uneducated about what a healthy diet looks like, and some simply don’t care.

Now, onto the general content and tone of your comment.

In my Bible, Jesus specifically instructs His followers not to judge other people. No exceptions, for anybody. Only God can see into someone’s heart, so He alone has the right to judge.

Jesus also specifically states that to love others as you love yourself fulfills all the law and the prophets.

A verse in one of the epistles of John states, “God is love, and all who live in love, live in God.”

Sorry, hon, but your tone, words and attitude don’t make it sound like you are living in God. Have you no clue that it’s so-called Christians like you, who follow religion much more closely than they follow Jesus’ teachings, who turn people away from a belief in a loving Creator? From faith in the salvation that Jesus provided for us?

As far as I can tell, Sarah has more love in her pinky finger than you do in your entire body!

And I don’t know where you get the idea that in the last days, the people who are abstaining from meat are evil. But I do know these three things. Number one: the original diet was vegan. You say you believe the Bible? Better return to the first two chapters of Genesis. Humans and all other animals consumed only plant foods. Number two: that passage in Scripture, right after the flood, where God supposedly allowed humans to begin eating meat? That verse has been completely mistranslated from the original Hebrew. That’s not what God said at all.

Finally, the prophet Isaiah, speaking of how the world will look when Jesus comes back (or how the new earth will look after the millennial reign), clearly states that as in the beginning, animals will cease from eating each other. “The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf and the lion and the yearling together; and a little child will lead them.” [Isaiah 11:6, NIV]

Hon, if I thought you’d heed a word I’m writing, I would recommend two things to you. First, read the four Gospels over and over again, until you really and truly come to know Jesus. You obviously don’t know Him at all. He dined, laughed with, entertained, and taught sinners. He never judged or condemned them, or spoke harshly to them as you have done in your comment to Sarah.

Au contraire. Jesus spoke harshly and criticized the religious people. The people who judged sinners and acted like they were better than everybody else.

My second recommendation: shut up about the Bible and your supposed faith until you grow up some and develop a sense of humility. Until you know what real love is. Because if you keep talking/writing to people as you did above, you will continue to turn people away from faith in God, not draw people toward it.

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