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Want To Be Truly Healthy? You Need Money.

Face it: learning how to be healthy is an important part of living your dream life. If you’re sick, you don’t have the energy or will to work toward achieving your goals. And in this day and age, health is expensive.

I don’t mean the ever-rising cost of health insurance, or the ridiculous cost of surgery (which I lately had some hard personal experience with after I broke my humerus). I mean, just trying to keep your body clean and full of all the nutrients it needs requires a lot more than eating “five a day for better health.”


Warning: this may be the most controversial post I will ever publish to this blog. I suspect so because on a previous blog, I wrote a similar article and seriously offended a lady who claimed that “the way to be healthy is to not eat any animal products.” Come to find out she suffers from osteoarthritis.

Hmmm. Doesn’t sound very healthy to me.

A healthy diet isn’t enough.

Most of the soil in the world that has been used to produce crops contains only a fraction of the minerals that it did a hundred years ago. Commercial farmers – even many organic ones – do nothing to replace those minerals.

Obviously, soil-deficient soil leads to soil-deficient food. But did you know also that without minerals, plants cannot produce vitamins?

In order to get the proper nutrition your body needs, experts estimate, you would need to consume several dozen pounds of a variety of fruits and vegetables every day. Alternatively, you could get a good bit of nutrition by eating lots of organ meat every day. Yummy!

“So, I could just grow my own food.”

Certainly you could. Move out to the country and live on at least two acres that you turn into food production. Make sure you include plenty of superfood fruits like goji berries, blueberries, pomegranates and chokecherries. Unless you can do that, you will have to depend on your local supermarket for at least half of your food supply. And then you are right back to asking how to be healthy when half the food you eat is deficient in nutrition.


Toxins deplete minerals.

The human liver was designed to process natural toxins out of the body. It can also, under healthy circumstances, process a certain amount of synthetic toxins out of the body.

It was not designed to handle the large variety of large amounts synthetic toxins that you are exposed to every single day, that never even existed until the 1970s! Many of those toxins build up in your body, and that causes the fluid around your cells to become acidic. To neutralize this acidity, the body pulls minerals from its stores (minerals are alkalizing). This causes you to become deficient in minerals.

Your grandmother started it.

The scariest thing is that nutritional deficiency, as well as toxicity, can be and are passed on from mother to child. The consumption of processed foods was rampant by the 1920s – people really had no idea how to be healthy, beyond washing their hands –  causing nutritional deficiencies in pregnant women. If a pregnant woman is seriously deficient in a nutrient, one of two things – or both – can happen.

First, the baby doesn’t develop correctly in the area that requires that particular nutrient (a deficiency of vitamin A in the mother can lead to blindness in her child). Second, the baby is born with the same deficiency. Unless the deficiency is discovered and the child is given a supplement, he will struggle with his mental and/or physical health for his entire life.

Where do you think all the cases of autism, learning disabilities, ADHD, and emotional disturbances are coming from? It’s a combination of toxicity and nutritional deficiency.

Let me give my own family as an example. My mother was born in 1937. She started having heart palpitations when she was twelve years old. Heart palpitations is a classic sign, medical researchers know now, of magnesium deficiency. I was born deficient in magnesium. I didn’t have heart palpitations, but when I hit puberty I began suffering from mild depression, bruxism (teeth grinding), severe P.M.S. and cramps, and restless legs – all symptoms of magnesium deficiency.

Unfortunately, I didn’t find out about that deficiency until after my son was born. I went on a magnesium supplement and immediately turned a few of the symptoms around, and got my mother taking one, as well. But my son suffered.

Long story short, my husband and I hated being parents until he was about seven years old – at which time I got a brain and put him on several supplements which help children with ADHD and other related conditions. One of those supplements was magnesium.

Now, being a parent is a more enjoyable job than not for us.

“What about the Daily Values?”

The government-established Daily Values are the bare minimum the “average” person needs not to show deficiency signs from a particular nutrient. Here’s a hint for you: people get deficient long before they have any symptoms.

Everyone needs several times more than the D.V. of certain nutrients – some people need several times more of most nutrients! It depends on

  • Their toxicity level,
  • What kind and severity of deficiencies that their mothers passed on,
  • Whether they ever experienced a long-term bout with an eating disorder,
  • How physically active they are,
  • What kind of diet they grew up on, and
  • How well their gut absorbs nutrients (some of us have compromised ability in that area).

“You just want to sell me something!”

Get in line with the woman with osteoarthritis. She accused me of being greedy (because I had a few product recommendations, as well as a suggestion about how one might increase one’s finances).

But I won’t deny it. I do want to sell you something. I want to sell you on the idea that the way to be healthy – truly healthy – in this modern, warped world where most people live in cities and towns and don’t have time to be full-time homesteaders, is to be willing and able to shell out some extra money each month to number one, help keep your system clean, and number two, to remedy whatever nutritional deficiencies are unique to you.

On my resource page, you can find several book recommendations to help you change your financial situation so that you can afford to supplement (and I’m talking quality supplements, not those unabsorbable pills that Wal-Mart and drugstores sell). You can also find my recommendations – both products and books – that can help you answer the “how to be healthy” question for yourself.

To your success!


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