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Waterproofing Our Earth-Sheltered House

How does one go about waterproofing an earth-sheltered house? With liquid rubber, of course! Doesn’t everybody know that? 😉

Liquid rubber is a non-toxic substance that, not so coincidentally, smells like car tires. It is also the tackiest substance on planet earth. At least superglue scrapes off your fingers with relative ease, and can wash out of clothing with hot water! Liquid rubber is sticky, sticky, STICKY. Jerry still has a spot or two of it on his body where it was thick enough that he hasn’t wanted to try to scrub it off, lest he rub his skin raw (I made him clean off his head and face, though!).

The following video doesn’t show much of the actual process of waterproofing the house. It was miserably humid those days; and besides, I was busy-busy-busy in my garden. And the video would have gotten pretty boring. It would have been as exciting as watching somebody paint a wall.

No, more so. I’m sure it would have been amusing to a point to watch J spatter himself with the liquid rubber, as well as accidentally drop a blop here and there on the house footings.

Anyway, the video shows the basic process of waterproofing an earth-sheltered house. Here it is; enjoy and share! 🙂

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