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Why Both Paleo Eaters And Vegans Are Going To Nutritional Hell

Which is truly the healthier diet, Paleo or vegan? Proponents of either diet will tell you that theirs is the best. So, uh, one of them has to be wrong, right?

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While I choose to eat a 100% plant-based diet, I do so for ethical reasons, not because I think that have a little bit of animal product every day is going to kill me early. That’s what raising an active boy is for!

Seriously, I’m not mad at you if you eat meat. Now, if you buy factory-farmed meat I will have to close my eyes and clench my teeth, then send you to a plethora of other videos on YouTube where you can see for yourself the inhumane treatment of those poor animals. BUT, I don’t consider myself better than you or more spiritual than you because I abstain from animal products.

Therein lies the crux of my message in the video: the “holier than thou” attitude of the fanatics of both kinds of diets. Paleo eaters believe that vegans are going to end up deficient in nutrients…or, if they prevent deficiency by taking supplements, they are not doing what is best for their body because “everybody knows” that the best way to get nutrition is through eating whole foods.

(Will somebody please tell that to my body, whose ability to absorb nutrition from food is moderate at best, and slim to none for several minerals?)

Paleo eaters also believe that they are eating the same diet that our ancestors did. Well, this video properly debunks that myth. They say that drinking milk is unhealthy – even raw milk, even for people whose ancestry consists of a society that thrived on milk well into old age.

Vegans are even worse. You don’t see Paleo eaters commenting on vegan videos and saying, “YOU SUCK! I HATE YOU BECAUSE YOU EAT TOFU!” Or, “Idiot. Science has proven that grains are not a human food.” No, you don’t see that. But you will see “compassionate” vegans all over the Internet saying things like, “I hate humans” (yes, I did actually read that once), “MURDERER!”, and other endearing comments of the sort. They bash meat-eaters on videos about eating meat, as well as on vegan videos.

They believe they are mentally and spiritually superior to people who consume animal products. Woe to them! For if they had repented as did Bill Clinton in his day, they would have had half a chance at heaven. But no, they have chosen Nutritional Hell.

So have the deceived Paleo Diet eaters.

Listen, it’s okay to pick and choose which nutritional studies you want to believe. You are free to eat however you want. I hope you choose to eat in the realm of healthy. But don’t lord it over other people. You’re not in control of them, and you shouldn’t try to be!

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