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Why Dieting Is A Bad, Bad, BAD Idea

“Why do I always gain back the weight that I lose when I diet?”

If you’ve ever asked yourself that question, number one, join throngs of other people; and number two, the fact that you are asking it should tell you how healthy and effective it is to diet.


Unless you are obese and have been told by a doctor that you’re likely going to experience a heart attack unless you lose a bunch of weight within the next few months, weight loss should never be a goal.

Yes, you read that right. But for those of you who can’t believe your eyes are working, I’ll type it again:

Weight loss should never be a goal.

I just singlehandedly put Weight Watchers out of business.

Ha! In my dreams. In order for that to happen, this blog post would have to go SERIOUSLY viral (hint, hint, my dear readers with thousands of social media followers among the lot of you).

Why weight loss should never be a goal

Here’s the problem with endeavoring to lose weight. Unless, of course, it’s the very first time you’re doing it and once you do, you’re going to be committed to never gaining the weight back. But that’s probably not you. You have probably dieted multiple times, lost and regained, lost and regained.

And if that’s you, you’ve undoubtedly discovered that after the first few times you diet, you start gaining back more weight than you actually lost. And on subsequent diets, you can never lose as much weight again. Or if you can, it comes right back on as soon as you start eating normally again – even if you’re eating healthier than you were before.

This happens because your body is designed to take in nourishment every day, enough to meet your daily energy output. So when you go on a diet, restricting your usual caloric intake, after a few days your body starts to think you’re beginning to starve. Thus, it slows down its metabolism, taking longer to burn calories.

Once you get off the diet, your body says to itself, “All right! Food! I better hang on to extra, in case we start to starve again.” And so much of the weight you had lost returns.

Yo-yo diet like this enough time, and your body decides that to keep you from starving, it needs to make sure you stay at a certain weight when you are eating your usual daily fare. This is called the “weight set point”, and it’s pretty much guaranteed to be higher than what physicians have set forth as your ideal weight.

Worse, once your body has decided where your weight set point is, it will do everything it can to keep you at that weight. If you go on a diet, you will lose some – maybe even a lot – of weight, but chances are high that not long after ending the diet, you will be back to that weight set point number. Because, remember, your body is creating extra fat to keep you from starving.

So when I tell you not to diet, basically I’m telling you not to make your body think that you’re starving.

The superior goal to make

So, no more weight loss goals! Instead, determine to be healthy. Create goals that involve eating more fruits and vegetables and less flour and meat. Create goals to eliminate most processed foods. Create exercise and fitness goals.

Decide on, write down, and begin taking action steps toward eating and being healthier.

Forget diets. They don’t work. Now you understand why. If you know someone who keeps asking, “Why do I keep gaining all the weight back?”, make sure to send them a link to this article.

To your abundance,


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