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Why I Don’t Like The Name Of My Blog

“Live your dreams with Emily.” What kind of images does that phrase bring to your mind? Images of you living your dreams, perhaps. Singing on stage, adopting children, finding your soul mate, quitting your job to backpack around the globe.

Images of you living in my house, maybe? (I hope not, but…well, I’ll get to that momentarily.)

Yet another confession time: I don’t like the name of my blog. Haven’t for a long time. In fact, the very day I signed up with Green Geeks (my web host) and chose liveyourdreamswithemily.com as the URL, I changed my mind.

Too little too late. It was several hours later, after having made the payment.

What I was after was a domain name that didn’t have my full name (I didn’t want friends/family to be able to Google me and find me and start reading my blog, because then I would be constantly censoring myself so as not to offend people). Emilyjosephine.com had already been snatched up by another Emily Josephine (my author name).

And if it didn’t have my name, I wanted the blog name to reflect something about success, or living your dreams. I used to own the domain freetoliveyourdreams.com, but alas, soon after I gave it up some Internet Marketer snatched it up, hoping, I’m sure, that I’d come back begging to have the domain name back for a few hundred smackeroos.

Why was my topic going to be themed around success or living your dreams, you ask? More confessions: I was originally going to use the blog to promote my MLM business and products. And of course we all know that building an MLM business is the only and BEST way to develop the finances in order to live your dream lifestyle, right?

So that first day I returned to blogging (I’d quit for about a year), I chose liveyourdreamswithemily.com. It had the keyword phrase “live your dreams” and my first name. Good for search engines, but not good enough for people I knew to find me. (Look, the big blog I had before this one, I ended up taking down – over 500 posts! – because my sister got offended by an opinion I had expressed. Wasn’t about to let that happen again.)

My first problem with the domain name came few hours after signing up with Green Geeks (for the second time). Without going into details, let’s just say that I didn’t like how it sounded. But I got it free with the hosting account, and I didn’t want to go out and pay $20 a year for another, better domain name.

Repurposing the blog

After I decided I’d had enough of MLM to last me five or six lifetimes and therefore quit the company I’d been a part of for several years, I realized I could still write articles that would help people live more freely – have better health, improve their financial situations, and so on. And writing those articles, I could promote my books on those topics.

Then one day I woke up and asked myself, “Why am I trying to rehash everything that I already have in my books? If people are really serious about getting the information they need to live a better life, they should be willing to invest a few dollars to do so.”

So I wrote this post and was done with this blog for a while. I didn’t take it down, but I didn’t update it, either.

At the same time I was trying to inspire people to improve their situations, I also used this blog as my author blog. I talked about my writing, and would announce free book promotions.

Now, my blog has taken on quite a different tone than it had when I first started it. With few exceptions, I don’t write about health or personal finance anymore. I don’t talk about how to be “successful” (the main reason being is I finally figured out I don’t know what the BLEEP that word means!)

The articles have become a lot more personal: funny stories about my family, garden updates, random thoughts about life.

This blog is not as professional as an author blog is likely expected to be.

So, liveyourdreamswithemily.com just doesn’t fit. My first name remains the only relevant part of the URL. Now, I’m wishing I’d bought something like emilyslifejourney, or lifeintheboonies, or weirdhomesteadingfamily.

But I didn’t.

Why I’m not moving

Don’t worry; I’m not writing this post in order to tell  you that I’ve set up a brand new blog with a more appropriate blog title. Are you kidding me? Now that I’m finally getting a reasonable amount of traffic? I don’t think so!

I’m also not moving because setting up a new blog is always a pain – even though such a project is a whole lot easier now than when I first started eight years ago.

So, why bother telling you I don’t like the name of my blog? Well, dang, I needed to write about something, and this is what popped into my head!

Or maybe I’m writing it warn wannabe bloggers to be more careful about the domain name they choose. *Shrugs*

Have a nice day.

P.S. – For clarification, “liveyourdreamswithemily” does NOT mean that I want you to come live with me while you live your dreams. See my conundrum? Go live your dream life with your own friends and family. With my help.

Not in my house.

Get it? Good.

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