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Why We’re Blowing Off Homeschooling Until Next Wednesday


I believe in structure. And I’m big on sticking to routine. So I’m not going to completely ditch homeschooling until next Wednesday. Instead, I am going to keep the activities light and easy, with a good bit of review.

The reason? The polymer clay is supposed to arrive some time Tuesday. The clay that I need to correct B’s dyslexia. I don’t want him to be frustrated with reading any longer than possible, so we are going to start the Davis Reorientation Program on Wednesday. It’s very intense – Ron Davis says that people (children and adults) will more quickly master the symbols they need to master if they do as much as they can every day, and when either he or his trained facilitators run individuals through his program, it take five whole days.

Whole days, as in, eight hours per day. (The exception is with children aged eight and under, who get only half days.)

I don’t think we’re going to be that intense. But I will definitely be shelving all of our regular lessons for several days.

Am I sure that B is dyslexic?

I wanted to be sure. Helen Irlen, after all, is convinced that dyslexia is caused by Irlen Syndrome – which B inherited from his mother. So the other day I took the assessment on Ron Davis’ website. At the conclusion, there was a bar graph of something like six categories (general academics, handwriting and spelling, reading, etc.). The top of the graph was labeled “mild”, “moderate”, and “severe.” Above the graph was a paragraph that read, “If the person has a moderate score in at least two categories, they will benefit from the Davis Reorientation Program.”

B scored moderate in every single category. A couple of those moderates were edging to the severe side.

Yep, I think this is going to help him! (And I have to say, this is a serious answer to prayer.)

I don’t what to say about Helen Irlen’s theory, except that it is spot-on in some areas, but maybe not so much in others. Maybe people with dyslexia tend to have Irlen Syndrome, as well, and vice versa, and the one isn’t a cause of another?

I guess only the Lord knows.

So, we’re putting things on hold

I’m about to start the multiplication and division unit, and I don’t want to interrupt whatever momentum we might gain in the next few days with Davis’ program. As for reading? Well, I have a feeling that B will be doing a lot better after the program, so why push anything before he learns how to keep his “mind’s eye” oriented so he will perceive letters and words correctly?

Don’t know what the heck I’m talking about? Buy Ronald Davis’ book The Gift of Dyslexia. In fact, if you have a dyslexic in your house, I insist that you buy it.

He has a book about ADHD, too, which I may buy in a few weeks.

I will be taking pictures and videoing the process, so stay tuned to see how it works, and how it works for us!

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